The time when it rains (Sajek).

When it’s raining, you can move away from Sajek Valley by removing the dilemmas within yourself.
The dawn of Sajek will feel like living in the kingdom of clouds. The clouds seem to have floated the whole Sajek Valley on the clouds. The feeling of light cool air touching the body through the windows of the machangs is an impossible feeling. Sometimes the clouds suddenly rain again. All in all, I will not have a very bad time, so much so that I can guarantee:
Eating & accommodation is not bad.



How to go:
# Dhaka (Saidabad / Gabtali / Fakirapul) – Get on the Khagrachhari night bus (fare – Rs. 520)
# From Khagrachhari you can reach Sajek through three. Moon cars, CNG and motorcycles.
# If you reserve a jeep (local name moon car) from Khagrachhari town or Dighinala upazila town, you will rent an old moon car for 5000-6000 rupees and new Mahindra cars for 6000-8000 rupees.
# With this money you will go and spend the night and the car will bring you again. Depending on the size of the car, ten to 15 people can sit in one car.
Meals & accommodation
# You will get a cottage for TK. 2000-2500; (4/5 people can stay), then the feeling of spending the night in the cottage is widespread.
# Meals will be between 100-150 TK per person per day.








# Speaking of rainy days, Iktu be careful, it is better to take an umbrella and all the equipment to protect from the rain.
# Don’t throw dirt anywhere.
# Follow the army’s instructions
Thank you


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