The twinkling lights of the locality are like the stars of the night.

At first I thought the lights flickering in the sky were the stars of the night. The higher our car climbed on the winding mountain road, the brighter the light. As I approached, I realized that the lights that were burning just above my head were actually local. As far as the eye can see on either side of the darkness, nothing is visible except the mountains. When the gaps in the trees melt, sometimes the light of electricity like the light of the stars catches the eye. It seems that thousands of stars are burning at the top of the hill.

The city is built on top of hundreds of hills in Sikkim. And the road has been made by cutting stones in the middle of the hill. Pine forests on either side of the road are ever rocky rivers. Pine trees grow in such rows that sometimes it would be a mistake to think of artificial planting in human hands. The steep hills seem to have touched the sky. Occasionally there is the sound of waterfalls again. Much like a dream state. We are on our way to Gangtok, a land of mountains and ice.





Gangtok is the capital of Sikkim.
About five and a half thousand feet above sea level. The hilly roads are so steep that sometimes even the engine of a powerful car is afraid to accept this. As the windows are open, the icy wind is blowing on my chest. But the beauty of the night outside is so beautiful that the mind does not want to put the window. In the meanwhile I found out from the driver that our main destination is the light that is flashing on the top of the highest hill. I reached the hotel at the end of a tireless journey of about 24 hours. The night passed in the dim light of the distant valley.





The next day we set off for Sangu Lake, about 13,000 feet above sea level, hoping to see snow and snow. This is the first opportunity to see the city in broad daylight. Tidy city. Seeing colorful festoons on both sides of the road gives a sense of festivity. Being bordering China, the Chinese look is evident in the appearance of the building and the occupants.
Clouds were seen as soon as they crossed the city and started rising in the steep sky. It was as if snow particles were touching the body. Going up a little further, I saw piles of ice on both sides of the road. The snow in the middle of the road has been removed and stored on both sides to maintain the uninterrupted movement of tourist vehicles. Looking back from the road that touches the mountain, you can see the landmarks in the middle of the trees and the distant snow-capped mountains. In some places, houses built by cutting hills just above the road were visible. Ever had a peeping eye peeking out the window. It seemed that the happiest people in the world lived there.





I saw some dogs like twilight wolves. He was walking along the snow-covered road in a royal manner.

In the meantime we reached the edge of the snow-capped mountain. We can’t go anymore. The road is completely covered with snow. Going ahead with the car means sure danger. Once you have lost your balance on the edge of the hill, you have to fall into the forest a few thousand feet below. I went down to the waterfall next to it. The stream is coming down from the top of the hill. Going down through the rocky lake, the vision is deeper than it goes down. Wherever the eye goes is just white snow and rows of mountains. This scene is beyond description.
There are some beauties that are not for expression but for feeling.

There are numerous posts in this group for those who want to go to Sikkim, but you can take a brief look.
Take the following documents before going to Sikkim.
1. Some passports and visa copies
2. Passport size photo
3. Photocopy of NOC in case of employee and student ID card in case of student
4. Receipt for payment of travel tax fee (Rs. 500). You will pass through Dhaka. You can pay from New Market branch of Sonali Bank.

From there you can get a bus to Siliguri via Chandrabandha or Banglabandha border. The rent will be around 1600 rupees. Or you can go to the immigration point in a cut car. My bad experience is that if you go in a direct car, you will have less trouble with immigration.
Arrive at Siliguri Junction, buy a ticket for Sikkim and get on the bus. The rent will be around 160 rupees. Stop at Rangpo check post. There you have to get permission to go to Sikkim from the Foreign Registry Office. After the question of how long, where do you want to stay, etc., come back to the bus with the passport seal. Do the same on the day of backing. The heart of Gangtok will be named next to MG Marg. Numerous hotels will be found nearby. Get up and read any. Stay in a hotel away from MG Marg to stay in the middle of nature. In that case you can book hotel through app
> Talk to the hotel manager to visit the tourist spots in Sikkim and he will get in touch with the tour operator.





Do research and decide where you want to go? Some Popular Tourist Places: Changu Lake, Baba Harbhajan Singh Temple, Lachung, Yumthang Valley

Note: When we went to book a hotel, we were strangely despised as Bengalis. They canceled the booked hotel from and emailed me that they would not give the hotel to the Bengalis. This opportunity was given to them by some Bengalis like us Then we took a small initiative.
While checking out at the hotel where I was staying, I neatly arranged the room and bathroom and kept a note in each room.


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