The unique beauty of atmospheric Bengal.

The Sundarbans on one side and the waves of the Bay of Bengal on the other. There is also an opportunity to watch the sunrise and sunset. Natural scenic environment, the unique beauty of atmospheric Bengal. Laldia Char is an area located at Patharghata in Barguna on the southernmost coast of Bangladesh. Laldia Char is not considered as a tourist destination due to poor communication system. This green land of beauty remains unknown to the travel luxuries.




The Sundarbans is one of the natural beauties of Bangladesh. Next to it is the Bay of Bengal coastal Laldiar Char. As this char is very close to the Sundarbans, tourists can easily enjoy the beauty of the Sundarbans. The wildlife of the forest including fish tigers, deer, monkeys and other species will easily sway in the minds of tourists. Millions of red crabs have enhanced the beauty of the char in many ways. After standing in the sand for a while, a swarm of red crabs starts coming out of the hole. As soon as he senses the presence of man, he enters the hole again. In this way, they do not lose patience even to play hide and seek day and night.





There is no direct road communication from Barguna district to Laldia Char. However, many tourists who come to visit Kuakata come here by trawler. Enjoy the natural cosmos.





Barguna district chairman and former MP. Delwar Hossain said that if the communication system is developed, Laldia Char will add a new beauty to the tourists who come to see the sea. The district council is taking initiative in this regard.
Forest official Abdul Latif said the government has plans to build a modern tourist hotel in Char with improved connectivity. I am continuing my work. If the communication system is implemented quickly, Laldia Char will also become attractive to tourists like other tourist destinations in the country.


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