The way to the dragon country Bhutan and the cost.

Druk Yule or the country of the lightning dragon is also called the happiest country in the world. Carbon negative countries have many more adjectives in their name.

Bhutan – Thimphu, Phobzika, Wangdu, Punakha, Paro, Chelela Pass, Funtsholing ..
Altogether 12 thousand 500 rupees + 3000 rupees
= 18000 rupees.





Episode 5 // 13 December is a very special day for me. I woke up a lot in the morning, it was still light outside, I went out on my own but I couldn’t stay outside for a long time due to the cold. I came to the room and got ready. Everyone is ready.
Today we have to travel the longest distance of the tour so after breakfast we all got out very quickly by car. Everyone feels bad to leave such a beautiful place, but there is no way to come. I came to Punakha Suspension Bridge without stopping anywhere else on the road. One of the most beautiful places in Bhutan I have ever visited.
Rafting was not possible due to the low water level in the river, so it would be a mistake to miss it if you had the chance.




They have a shashman next to the bridge and can go if they want.
I went out to see Punakha rust, the most beautiful rust in Bhutan in broad daylight.
Punakha Jung’s entry fee is 300 rupees, 150 rupees if you have a student ID card, it will be said that you will not waste money if you go inside, it is a beautiful enough place where you can spend 2-3 hours effortlessly.
If any of you stay in Punakha night, you can enjoy the afternoon if you go after noon, we don’t have much time so we went out quickly to go to Aslam Fertility Temple.





I didn’t go because I had to go up the hill, I had a lot of attractions with my elder brothers, some of them were gone, so I sat in the restaurant.
After lunch, I started my journey for Paro, leaving behind many memories and moments in the last afternoon and ran to the new city.
There were no flights at Paro Airport that day and the last flight time was 3:20 pm, you can leave earlier if you want to see the plane take off.
Cold air, low temperatures will not be bad to stay there. Then I went to Paro Jung which is the heart of Paro city, this city has a magical form, it seems that you have moved to a village in Europe on a time machine. Infatuation is forced to work everywhere. I got out of the rust and went to the booked hotel Dragon. Not liking the room, I went to another hotel, as there was no room there, I got up at a hotel far from the city and left with the booking of another hotel for the next day.





Being away from the city, he did not want to go out at night anymore.
Freshened up, everyone ate coffee provided by the hotel and chatted and the next day Tiger Nest’s plan.
The biggest attraction in Bhutan is the Tiger Nest.
For the first time in my life, I have to spend my birthday outside the country, a mixed feeling, but the day goes well enough because the country is Bhutan.

My Homestay (Phobzika) Rs. 1500 (3 people)
Breakfast 70 rupees
200 rupees at noon (I had a whole loss project, I have never eaten so bad Chaomin in my life, Chaomin of Dhaka Pasta State is a million times better)
Dinner Rs 240
Punakha Jung entry 150 rupees.


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