Things to do at Sajek Tour in winter.

Listening to the Sajek tour plan, your ears are ringing so I didn’t write anything about the tour plan.
I wrote what to do,,,,,
1. Sajek winter is neither too much nor too little. So there is no need to take extra winter clothes. Take ear hat.
2. Saudia, Shyamli Sajek’s good bus.
3. It is better to book a cottage, but even if you do not pay, there will be no problem with the place to stay.
4. Get off at Khagrachhari and buy a return bus ticket, especially on holidays.









5. There is army canteen, the quality of food is good. Especially those who do not want to eat the food of non-Muslims.
6. Bembo Chicken, Sasamamung Pitha (District Council Park), System Hotel (Khagrachhari City), Tetul Tea should not be missed.
6. If you don’t dare to climb on the roof of the car, you will have less fun, but be very careful, especially from the branches of the tree.
6. Even if you miss everything, don’t miss Alutila cave, go to the cave barefoot and take the torch to the front when the fire of the torch in your hand starts to go out.
9. Chad’s car must take the white ones (pickup), if you take the green ones you may get in trouble.
10. Even if Chad’s car is fixed, it can be reduced a bit.
Good luck to everyone


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