This is like a another Swarupkathi.

The Dhaka-Hularhat launch is the best to go to Pirojpur. The launch leaves in the evening and arrives very early in the morning. But I did not dare to go alone with the boy. I booked a ticket on Nov Air. Although later Khalat sister and her family joined. On the first day, I reached Barisal on a Nova Air flight at 2 pm. Swarupkathi on the bye road from here. Then I crossed the river to my village. As the car was not available at the Barisal airport, the car had been procured with the help of a friend. On the way I stopped at Gutia Mosque. I remembered the story of Putrajaya of Malaysia. Gutia’s message is famous. So they stopped the car and bought sweets. Swarupkathi from Barisal was showing on Google map for 34 minutes. If I didn’t stop on the way, I think I would have reached earlier. I reached home at 4.30 pm. Only two and a half hours. I didn’t know the house was so close. It takes three hours to go to Sadarghat!




On the second day I went on a surprise visit to Bagerhat. What travelers call “day trip”. Aslam visited the houses of his relatives and saw the sixty-domed mosque and the shrine of Khanjahan Ali (RA). Significantly clean all places 6 I left very early so I could come back before evening.

On the third day, I wanted to visit Atghar, Kuriana’s Guava Garden and Floating Market. Guava is mainly in the rainy season and now I don’t have much to see, so I went to Alangkarkathi on the advice of my cousin. Wonderful village at the entrance of Swarupkathi Union. Only nurseries covering an area of ​​2/3 km or more. I was even more surprised to find all kinds of fruit and flowering plants. This is not the case. On top of that absolutely the price of water. I took the way back with some trees and beautiful memories. It was not difficult to return with the tree as the coming and going trawler was reserved.




The turn to return on the fourth day. This time at launch. We left the launch in the afternoon and reached Dhaka very early in the morning.
One thing is for sure, beautiful clean roads. Improved power system. This is the first experience of the village without loadshedding. The only thing that was bad was that the launch passengers were throwing dirt in the water. To keep the river water clean, we have to come forward for the free movement of fish.


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