This is the story of the land of tea and rain

8:30 a.m., waiting for the Parabat Express. His presence in time. I sat in our seat to control the crowd. We landed at Srimangal at 11 am.



Cloudy skies, heavy rain. In the middle of it, take a cup of hot Liga tea.



After checking in at the hotel, we left. After visiting Lauyachhara Rain Forest, Madabpur Lake, we arrived at the hotel in the evening. It is better not to miss the tea of ​​my aunt’s hotel. After freshen up I travel around the city. Then there is the eight-colored tea in the original Nilakantha tea cabin, along with a jumpes hangout. After dinner at Pansi, we went to the hotel.



We woke up in the morning and fell asleep. We walked to Rubber Bagan, BTRI, Cha-Bagan, Bagani-Palli, Manipuri Para Gure, and had breakfast at the hotel around 10 am. At around eleven o’clock the fence became the purpose of the Khasia capital. At one o’clock we left Khasia Punji. I was in Khasia’s capital till three o’clock in the afternoon. A clean, tidy, tidy, picture-like place. We eat lunch in the capital. From capital to direct hotel, from fresh hotel to station. 05:30 pm Parabat Express arrived. We are in Dhaka at 10 pm.



Bright sun, this rain, black clouds, lush greenery, cool breeze, hospitable people all mixed in a strangely beautiful city. The rain was our companion all the time. I enjoyed the rain and the company of tea.



The train journey was quite pleasant.



There is an unknown relationship between Srimangal and rain. Except for one, the other is poor. And when these two come together, nature gives it all away.



In tribal capital, Khasia has learned how to stay clean, how to keep the environment clean. So we need to be aware of this.


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