(Those who want to complete the tour within the budget can see).

Our Sajek tour started with the consent of about 7-8 friends of the department. I decided to leave on the night of the 13th. The moment before the ticket was cut, Polapan started to grow more and more. We confirmed that 12 people will go. We went to the counter and there were no tickets for the night of the 13th. After searching with great difficulty, we bought 12 tickets from Eagle. The ticket price was 520 TK (non AC).









The night came on the 13th. It was about 11.30 am when the bus left at 10.30 am. There was a lot of traffic jam on the road. Everyone was wondering when we would reach Khagrachhari. We fixed the lunar car from Dhaka. The cost of accommodation was the driver’s own. But the problem is that he will receive us from Dighinala which was earlier from the town. I rented a cottage with 2 rooms for 3500 TK.








First day: We reach Khagrachhari within 8.20-30. After that we first buy return ticket from Dhaka to Shyamoli. After that we go by local car to Dighinala from Shapla Chattar. The driver receives us from the gate of Banamali in Dighinala. He rented our Dighinala for 50 TK per person. It became 800 for 12 people. And it takes 40 to 50 minutes to reach Dighinala from Shapla Chattar.





After that we go to Dighinala Bazaar. Here we have breakfast. Reasonable prize for this. The bill for 12 people was 500 rupees. So we omit the hajachara today. I will see the hajachara the next day

Then what else. Our moon car was a little old but the engine was strong and the driver’s uncle was a fan. Many cars overtook. About two o’clock we reached Sajek. At the time of entry we paid 20 TK each.



We entered the cottage. Later we didn’t like it because we didn’t stay there anymore. Later the driver Mama took us to another one of the lord’s cottages. The lord is a very good man. I don’t remember the name because the cottage is completely new. And the cottage was right next to Megh Machang.




We ate lunch at the Montana Hotel. Rice and pulses were unlimited, and eggs and vegetables were only 100 rupees. The taste of pulses was not to be forgotten.

And at night I ate barbecue. 4 parota, sauce, salad and chicken for 200 TK each.

Earlier in the afternoon we went to Konlak, at night we went to the helipad



Day 2: The next day our plan was to see the sunrise. As soon as we got up at 5 o’clock, 4-5 of us left. We saw the sunrise from the side of Megh Machang. The beauty of the cottage is not like to express in words. We were watching that too.

We eat khichuri in the morning. I thought khichuri was 60 TK, but maybe because of the season, everyone was not agreeing to less than 100 TK. Egg khichuri. Bake because we have to see Hazachara, Hanging Bridge, Risang and Alutila

At first we saw Hajachara. We got very little water. So there were a few VGs. The water was cold at that level.

After that it will cost 20 TK per person to enter the hanging bridge

After that we go to Risang. We have to cross the stairs to get there. We got some water there. We all do slides. You will understand your own safety.

After that there was no time at all. It was almost evening. I still went to Alutila. But my luck was good. We were allowed to enter. Everyone bought a torch for 20 rupees. Alutila seemed restless to me, maybe that’s why I went in the evening.

This is the end of our journey









We ate at night at Bamboo Shot. We eat traditional food here. Meat inside the bash. The food was good and was salty enough. Each person spent Rs.

After that we return to Dhaka by 9 o’clock bus

Another thing is that Sajak’s road is one of the most beautiful roads I have ever seen. So if you are a bit proficient, then don’t forget to get on the roof of the moon car. It’s not like expressing your joy in words. Don’t.

Hope your trip is successful and enjoyable

Photo taken from our cottage (without edit)

And the account is done (for 12 people).

Bus fare (departure) -12 * 520 = 7240
Return ticket – 12 * 520 = 7240
Moon car-7500
Cottage (2 rooms) -3200
Breakfast (first day) -500
Sajek dhuka -240 + 100 = 340
Lunch (1st day) -1200
Dinner (barbecue 1st day) -2400
Breakfast (Khichuri) – 1000
Lunch (2nd day) -1700
Hanging Bridge Entry-240
Enter Alutila Cave-240
Dinner (2nd day) -1545

If anyone has any questions, please let me know

And our per person cost is TK. 2850 per person


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