Three hundred year old Teota zamindar zamindar house ..

Teota zamindar’s house is located in a village called Teota of Shibalaya police station in Manikganj district.
According to historians, this zamindar house was built in the seventeenth century. It was built by a zamindar named Panchanan Sen. According to legend, Panchanan Sen was at one time very poor and built this palace in the Dinajpur region after he owned a lot of wealth by producing tobacco. Later, two persons named Jayashankar and Hemshankar established zamindari here. After the partition of India, when they both left for India, the house was abandoned.

The zamindars who heard from the local people were very cruel and killed the common people indiscriminately and threw their bodies in the wells. And day after day this carnage continues, which may be due to the Creator

Their zamindari empire was destroyed in a short time.
Now almost all the parts of the house have been demolished and maybe after a few years no existence of this house will be found.
Especially those who visit this house here, they climb inside the house and on the roof, which can be an absolutely dangerous accident at any time. So even if you enter the house, refrain from climbing on the roof ….

How to go.
Many buses leave from Dhaka, Gabtali Savar, Nabinagar. Manikganj Shibalaya fare is 100 to 120 TK. The distance from Shivalaya Aricha launch ghat to Teota zamindar’s house by auto is 6 km.


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