Three!!! Two!! One! Bungee..

From the day I first saw the video of Bungee Jumping, I challenged myself to do it anyway! Because the challenge is hidden in the blood!




Since then, I have been cherishing myself, I will make a dream one day;) I am a man of my word. I got an air ticket to Nepal. 4 more travel companions. I got up at the hotel at 6 pm and went to the bungee office first without eating lunch because the purpose was bungee jumping. We went at the last moment and registered.







The next day at 5:30 in the morning, I got ready, ready to die! About four hours after the bus journey, I went to the destination. I went and saw that everything was ready just for us. 40-59 and 80-100 Group A 60-69 Group-B. I weighed 67 kg, so I was in group-B. Then he gave a paper in which it is written that no one is responsible for my death, I am responsible for myself!

Then one by one I started to see everything. Finally, my turn came to that moment. One end of the elastic rope is tied to the ankle and the other end is attached to something high and strong. I am moving a little bit and what is going on in my mind. At the same time, the most terrible words sounded in the instructor’s voice from behind …. !!

Three! Two! One! Bungee !!!

Then I jump myself before pushing the instructor! There is a saying that it is better to die of one’s own free will than to die at the hands of others: p

It takes 2 seconds to get down. However, the whole 2-3 minute arrangement. Then after lifting up, I wanted to give it again, so I immediately went and registered the swing and did the swing;)

Video of the swing will be given later.

It will take 8,000 Nepali rupees. If you want to pay in dollars, 80 dollars. However, if you do a bungee jumping swing together, it will cost 10,000 Nepali rupees or 100 dollars. 8000 rupees for just doing anyone. For bungee jumping, photos and videos will cost 2000 Nepali rupees and swing 1200 Nepali rupees.

How to get there: Dhaka-Kathmandu-Last Resort.


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