Top 5 Travel Routes to Canada by Land.

Canada is a paradise for travelers by land. Here you can drive completely independently. You can stop anywhere and go camping, hiking and kayaking. There is no such thing as a barrier or a set of rules. So if you are planning to travel to Canada by land then these five routes will be like a dream for you.




Kobat Trail, Nova Scotia:
This trail is about 29 kilometers north of Cape Britain. Very few travelers enjoy walking on this road with the unimaginable landscape of the North Atlantic and the wind blowing along the coast. Almost all the time this trail is suitable for traveling. This amazing landscape in Cape Breton Highland National Park can be seen throughout the year. There are also several walking parks along the coast in the area.

These were once in the possession of the French. So the locals love to play music with French music. Several fishing camps are organized in different seasons. Here you can get seafood anytime. So when it comes to travel, wear tight-fitting shoes and walk around the islands. You can enjoy this experience in very few places in the world.




Vancouver – Tofino, British Columbia:
You can rest for a few hours at the ferry crossing while crossing the state of Georgia on the island of Virginia. This route will allow you to drive about 206 kilometers from Nanaimo to Tofino. In this unprecedented route you will have the opportunity to walk along the oceans with the huge trees of Douglasfi. Some of these forests are more than 600 years old.

The Pacific Rim’s highways are winding and winding, giving you an exciting drive. There is also Kennedy Lake which is a very popular picnic spot for the locals. From here you will find Tafino, your special destination for surfing. The length of the beach is about 16 kilometers. Also can meet with the local Fast Nation community. So keep this route in your bucket list.






Flights from Saskatchewan to Regina, Saskatoon:
This route is basically a flat valley. The wide mountain range on the distant horizon will make you aspiring while driving or during any ride. This horizon wide valley will make your drive more memorable when the sun rises, sets in the mountains on the distant horizon. The locals mainly keep cattle and horses. So you will see horses of different colors running in the vast desert with the surroundings of your car.




This route has always been in the spotlight for the free movement of horses and the vast expanse of grassland. Occasionally, if you go camping somewhere in the evening, you will hear the loud cries of various animals and birds from the hilly ancient jungle 50-60 km away. So if you want to visit this area, keep a few extra days in hand. Also, when you arrive in Saskatoon a few days later, the red-blue city will greet you with a handkerchief.

Icefield Parkway, Alberta:
If you want to drive very fast, this route is for you. You can drive 252 km in just four hours. The majesty of the jungle, waterfalls and huge mountains on both sides of the drive route will enliven you at every moment. Driving on this road means the beginning of a new life. The road runs through the Rocky Mountains, passing through two local national treasures, Banff National Park and Jasper National Park. Then merged into the huge Columbia Ice Field.

These parks are basically very significant as camping zones. In the night sky you can see the full galaxy as well as walk on the snow on a sunny day and even climb the glacier if desired. The huge blue water lake formed on the surface of the earth will reflect the view of the huge mountains with white snow and the blue sky. No photographer can take more than 5 minutes in this area. So refuel your car and head out to Alberta Icefield Parkway.

Montreal Gas Peninsula, Quebec:
About 800 km northeast of the provincial capital, Gampe, the peninsula is famous for its large whales. You can drive up to 600 km in this area. If you plan for camping and sightseeing, it will take at least 7 days. Although the current social situation in the region is quite volatile, there are no specific rules for travelers.

From the top of the hill you can see how huge sea whales graze in the coastal deep sea areas. You can also camp in these rocky areas. You can get the food you need from the sea or coastal forests. Besides, there is an opportunity to go around this place by boat from the locals. If at the same time you have a long drive, a long time of camping, including seeing the life of the locals, then come to the Montreal Gas Peninsula without any other worries.


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