Tour spot in Ladakh

Leh does not run cars from other provinces. We set the car of a brother named Saeed Bhai. The story of our trip to Ladakh starts with Saeed Bhai. He is an incredible person. I heard about him while he was in Bangladesh. It’s hard to find such a fun tour partner at this age. He was a doctor, driver, and tour planner … He treated our two tour partners who were very sick with Altitude Sickness, took permission from different spots in Ladakh, and made extraordinary stays in extremely remote areas. Honestly, our tour is incomplete without him. +91949049038, +919622965186 These are his two numbers. If any of you ever go to Ladakh. Be sure to contact him. Your journey will be tensionless.






It takes at least 4 days to visit the main tourist spots of Ladakh. We also stayed in Ladakh for 4 days. On the first day, we toured the spots around Ladakh city. On the 2nd day, we passed Khardungla in the morning and left for Turtuk. In these four days, our daily car costs from Rs 4,000 to Rs 6,000. Which rises and falls depending on the season. The hotel cost per person per day was 500 rupees 120 rupees per meal. In Ladakh, the total cost of our team of 6 people for 4 days was 56,000 TK. And the cost per person was only about 9,000 TK. Believe me, with this 9000 TK you will get some memory to remember for the rest of your life.




There are 6 major tourist spots around Leh town: Thiksey Monestry, Rancho School, Shey Palace, Shanti Stupa, Hall of Fame, and Leh Palace. In this album, I have only given pictures of Rancho School … This school was used for shooting the last scenes of 3 Idiots movie. Although the movie shows that the school is on the shores of Lake T, in fact, the lake is about 200 km away from the school. The real name of the school is Druk White Lotus School After 3 idiots, everyone knows it as Rancho School.






In this beautiful school like the picture, all the students are able to read and write completely free … Poor students who are disadvantaged in India or unsuccessful students in other institutions (students who have dropped ) get a chance to read and write in this school. The school is world-famous for its reading style. Everything is taught here by hand … the students of the school make their own food … make jam jelly with them .then they go to other provinces of India once a year with the profit of selling that food .believe me or no, the houses you see in this school are made by the students of the school. The characteristic of these houses is that when the outside temperature is minus 15 degrees Celsius … then the inside temperature is +15 degrees. !!! The school has also received several international awards for its outstanding construction style.



Anyway, when we got to the school door a pretty fat woman took us to see the school. It is forbidden to make noise at school premises, it is forbidden to take pictures of children. But since it is not written anywhere that adults are not allowed to take pictures, I would like to take pictures with our guide. I asked him directly “Excuse me can we take a photo with u ?. He said: No sir … After that, you can’t stay in school for long.


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