Tourist couple in Trouble on the beach at Cox’s Bazar beach as there is no cabinet letter

A couple has been harassed by the tourist police again as they could not show their cabin while going to the beach in Cox’s Bazar. A victim has lodged a complaint with the deputy commissioner against the tourist police for keeping the couple stranded on the beach in Cox’s Bazar for a long time as they could not show any suitable proof of marriage.






Cox’s Bazar Deputy Commissioner admitted to filing such a complaint on Monday afternoon. Ali Hossain.

He said, ‘I received a written complaint from a tourist police officer about the couple being harassed while going to the beach. I have instructed the SP of the tourist police to take action in this regard. ‘






Complainant Md. “I went to Labani Point on Cox’s Bazar beach with my wife around 8 pm on Sunday,” Qaede Azam told We were spending time sitting in tourist chairs there. At one stage, the tourist police officer ASI said. 3 policemen including Masud came and wanted to know if we were husband and wife. When the husband and wife introduce themselves, they are asked to see the cabin immediately. Unable to show it, he held us for a long time. Our husband and wife were najehal in front of other tourists on the beach. After receiving our news, two other relatives of ours who were staying in Cox’s Bazar came and told us that our husband and wife left us two hours later.








Qaede Azam further said that at one stage of long detention, police officer Masood asked me to bring my relatives from home to confirm my identity. He threatened to be handed over to the police otherwise.

Victim Qaede Azam said, ‘The main attraction of the tourist city is Cox’s Bazar beach. If the people who come to visit the police who are in charge of the safety of the tourists are harassed, then the tourists will turn away from Cox’s Bazar. This will have a negative impact on the potential tourism industry.

He demanded departmental disciplinary action against the accused tourist police officer.






Cox’s Bazar Region Superintendent of Police (SP) said the allegations. Zillur Rahman told, “I am not aware of such allegations.” However, if a written complaint is received, departmental disciplinary action will be taken against those involved.


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