Tourist spot of Susang Durgapur upazila of Netrokona district.

For many days I wanted to visit the tourist spots of Susang Durgapur upazila of Netrokona district with the aim of going to Kishoreganj on 20-10-2018. But I was caught in a bike accident in the middle of the road and was forced to return from the middle of the road. But in order to achieve the goal, I will go on the journey of Kufa again on 23-12-2018.




There are several interesting tourist spots. Can turn. The other spots that will match the rate is 7
Everything you can see 6
 Chinese clay hills
✌Red hills
✌Khudranugosti Cultural Academy
Border BGB camp
োGaro hills
✌Garo zamindar house
Departure from Kishoreganj station by local train at 9 am. 1:10 pm to reach Zaria. Then Mahindra by Susang Durgapur Bazar 7 The rent will be 50-60 hours. The condition of the road is very bad. In my opinion, it is the worst road in Bangladesh. If you want, you can add a bike. It will cost 80/100 rupees.
It’s three o’clock in the afternoon to have breakfast. So to enjoy the afternoon, cross the Sameswari river (by boat) and go to Shibganj Bazar from there by reserve auto to the Vijaypur border. Very nice place to enjoy enough. In the evening I came to Susang Durgapur Bazaar and rented a hotel for 5 people. So there was no problem during winter. After having breakfast at 8 in the morning, I asked him to reserve the auto and bring all the spots around. Turning around the fairly good spots, he saw the porcelain hills, the Garo hills, the white hills, the blue water and dropped the car at the Birishiri bus stand. Everyone was tired so the cultural academy was no longer visited. I came to Kishoreganj by evening train.






How to get there from Dhaka:

I think it’s better to go by train
From Dhaka by train directly to Mymensingh. From there leave by local train (8,9,11, {???}) to Zaria station, from there by bike / CNG / Mahindra to Susang Durgapur Bazar … There are good hotels for food, Hotel Dulal 7 The hotel is significant in its quiet. The quality of the food is very good.
There are many hotels to stay Ywmc, post bungalow quality is very good. Good facilities are not good as the hotel is not in Jaba.






Cost Details:

Total (5 people) per person in the back
Kishoreganj to Zaria 00 rupees
Zaria to Susang Durgapur Bazar 200 ৳ (40 ৳)
River crossing (updown) 50 ৳ (10 ৳)
Auto rental 1st day, 350 rupees 1 hour 6 (80 ৳)
Hotel Rentals (Hotel Jaba) 500 Tk (100 Tk)
2nd day auto rental 3 spot 800 ৳ (140)
200 rupees for 4 meals / breakfast
Durgapur to Zaria 200 (40)


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