Tourists at sea from Teknaf-St. Martin cruise ship, later rescued by tourist police.

The LCT Kutubdia shipping authority on the Teknaf-St. Martin waterway was fined Tk 100,000 on Tuesday for carrying extra passengers. District administration magistrate Farzana Priyanka imposed a fine of Tk 1 lakh from the ship authorities by conducting an immediate mobile court on charges of carrying extra passengers.

Aritra said moving from the ship at one o’clock in the afternoon. A tourist named Majid fell into the sea. Later he was rescued from the sea. Today the tourist Mr. Aritra Md. Mujib, father: Md. Gias Uddin, Dhauddha, Boda, Panchagarh, Mobile-01737284K was rescued by the tourist police ASI / 59 Md. Jumayet Hossain. Treatment

Written statement of the tourist in the picture.

Healed with Sa.

Tourists complain that the ship is far from being able to carry more passengers than it can carry, so many tourists are surprised to find no place to stand. The ship left Damdamia wharf for St. Martin two hours late due to overcrowded tickets. Meanwhile, a tourist fell into the sea while standing on the side porch of the ship.

According to upazila administration sources, the LCT Kutubdia ship was scheduled to leave Damdamiya Jetty in Teknaf around 9.30 am on Tuesday. But the capacity of the ship was 300 people instead of 617 tourists. There are tickets, but there is excitement among the tourists as there is no place to sit. Some tourists continue to demand refunds for tickets. When the tension spread, the people of the local administration came and brought the situation under control. The ship left for St. Martin about two hours late due to administrative obstacles. After about an hour and a half, the LCT Kutubdia ship went to the opposite side of Shahpari Island in the middle of the sea. A tourist named Majid fell into the sea.


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