Travel abroad by sea

Overseas Travel by Sea (Singapore – Malaysia – Thailand)

Royal Caribbean – Legend of the sea. The capacity of 2000 people, what is not on the ship, big theater, swimming pool, running track, mini-golf, cinema hall, casino, club, shopping center, photo studio, children’s play area. The ship has 3 buffet meals with him. And the Indian Ocean has an unprecedented beauty.



The most surprising thing was four days with all these facilities – three nights cost only 30,000 TK.



We first went to Singapore from Dhaka, then got up in the morning from Harbourfront on a giant ship. Everyone submits their passport and gives them a card, with which they can buy anything from opening the door. A new travel experience begins.



No matter how boring the ship is, there is always a program going on.



One day after stepping in the middle of the Indian Ocean, it dropped anchor at Port Klang in Malaysia. One thing that still remains a mystery to me is that we did not have a Malaysian visa, we did not have a Malaysian entry/exit seal in our passport, but we got off the ship and returned to Kuala Lumpur from Port Klang. Return by ship from Kuala Lumpur at 4 pm. The ship then sailed for Phuket, Thailand.



The next morning the ship arrived at Phuket, after staying in Phuket all day, departed again in the evening for Singapore.

Cost / Person:
Dhaka – Singapore: TK 22,000 ~ 26,000
Cruise: 30,000 ~ 35,000 TK.


Singapore is very expensive, the cost will increase if you stay in Singapore. Those who love the sea will try to experience this trip at least once.




@@@@@ Update 1 @@@@@


It’s nice to see the interest of many – everyone assumes about cruise ship travel is not really a matter of millions of rupees. I will inform you of more details of the booking cost later.



I hope everyone will be able to achieve it.





@@@@@ Update 2 @@@@@

Many people want to know the details – as much as possible in this update.

* I tried to show the cheapest way.
* Visa Application – Air Ticket – Hotel booking must be done manually
* Estimate the cost for the cruise journey on February 13-16
* Has been done as two people
* Dollar value has been fixed at TK 81.




Singapore – Double Entry – 2600 Taka (Ref: Travel agencies will charge 4000 to 7500 Taka. Getting a visa is easy if you have a cruise invitation.



Thailand – Single Entry – 540 Taka (…/Bangladesh/Tourist_Visa.html) Travel Agency 1000 – 1500 Taka

Malaysia – No visa required, maybe the Malaysian government has a special arrangement with the cruise company. You do not have to cross any immigration to enter Malaysia.



Air ticket:

Feb 12 – Feb 18

Tiger Airlines: (Dhaka – Singapore) – TK 23,615 (with return air ticket)

Cruise ship:

Royal Caribbean – Mariner of the Sea
Room type: Interior stateroom

Cost: 68,700 TK (2 people)





– Stay 4 days / 3 nights
– 3 hours buffet meal (Chinese, Indian cuisines)
– Afternoon Pizza – Unlimited (I Was ashamed to take 2 pieces)
– Captain’s cocktail party
– Most of the entertainment and services.

– Soft drinks are not included – but you can take Unlimited Drinks package for 4 days with $ 12.


– Internet / Telephone service (SIM roaming is almost no problem)
– Casino
– Drinks
– Laundry service
– Gratuity
– Shore excursions
– Shopping

Dress code:

– Only Captain’s Cocktail Party (Valentine night ) dress code. Boys – Tuxedo (or any kind of suit), girls – black and shine dress.



If you don’t maintain the dress code at the Captain’s Cocktail Party Dinner, you will be   in a little embarrassing situation.)



Quality of service – 5-star quality

Below I have mentioned 2 types of journeys (whichever is applicable)

Journey 1 – (cheapest)

1. Dhaka – Singapore by air (February 12, 9:30 pm)
2. The plane will land in Singapore at 3:00 pm, immigration crossing at 4:00 pm
3. Rest at the airport from 4 pm to 8 am. (Time will be spent in duty-free shop and lounge)
4. HarborFront with Uber / Taxi at 8 am
5. Check-in on the ship at 10 am
. Enjoy the trip
. The ship will anchor HarborFront at 11 a.m. on the 17th.
. 5:30 pm Return flight to Dhaka


Visa (own) + air ticket + cruise ticket = TK. 81,300
Shore excursions + others + chocolate for me: P = 10,000 TK.

Total – 61,300 / person



Journey 2 – (comfortable)

1. Dhaka – Singapore by air (11 Feb 9:30 pm)
2. Stay one day in Singapore
4. HarborFront with Uber / Taxi at 8 am on the 13th
5. Check-in on the ship at 10 am
. Enjoy the trip till 17th
. The ship will anchor HarborFront at 11 a.m. on the 17th.
. Stay two nights in Singapore
9. 19:30 pm 5:30 return flight to Dhaka

Visa (Agency) + Air Ticket + Cruise Ticket = TK. 75,000
Living in Singapore + shore excursions + others + chocolate for me:  = 35,000 TK

Total: 1 lakh TK/ person



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