Travel and expenses incurred during the monsoon season in Monpura.

On launch from Dhaka, Monpura cabin single 700 TK, double 1600 TK, deck 300 TK. Residential hotels are available to stay at Hajir Hat. 500-600 TK at post bungalow. There are other 3/4 hotels, Hotel Hanif good quality double bedroom 600 TK maximum. The main cost of Monpura is rickshaw rental or motorbike. From Hajir Hat to Sakuchia, you have to take a rickshaw for 500 TK. 3 people can go. On the way to Sakuchia, you have to go to Keora forest (1 rickshaw). I can go to see it all. From Hajir Hat to Chowdhury project 80-100 rupees per rickshaw. Dak Bungalow is a little far from Hajir Hat Bazaar, you can walk, you can take a rickshaw for 10 rupees per pitch, you can walk to Hajir Hat Landing Station.




Now come to the food, the hotel is open from 8 am to 11 pm. Chicken 70-80 TK, tengra fish 60 TK, you will get many more fish bread for breakfast, parota is available, along with sweets, firni, you will get vegetable pulses, the price is low. Sweets are available at TK 10 and pitch at TK 20.


All in all, even if it goes very well, I hope it will not go beyond 1800-2000

How to go:

In the evening from Sadarghat, Tashrif 1/2 (6 hrs), MV Farhan (5.30 hrs) launches leave for Hatiyar. Can go everywhere. On their way back to Dhaka, the Farhan launch at 1.30 pm and the Tashrif launch at 2 pm left Monpura. If you take a cabin, book in advance.



Warning: The whole island is very clean, we have not seen anything unnecessary lying on the road, across the river! Everything was bright and clear. So I hope we don’t do any dirt and people think it’s too easy for us to go to Gula, there is no electricity all day and from 8 to 2 at night.


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