Travel and expenses of Dauki Sonangpedang Umgat river.

Umgat river! Where the boat floats in the air! The water of this river is so clear that anyone is bound to be fascinated by it. This is why this river is known as Crystal Clear Water, Live Aquarium. The Umgat River is also said to be one of the most transparent and beautiful rivers in India.


How to get there:


We first completed our immigration at the Tamabil border in Sylhet and walked for 15 minutes to the Dauki Bridge. This bridge can be seen from Jaflong to Meghalaya. After spending some time there, I came to Dauki Bazaar, rented a taxi, and went to Sonangpedang. Sonangpedang’s Suspension Bridge, I walk around the river and go boating on the Umgat river, if you go here, everyone must do boating.


Camping in tents at night, camp-firing which was a great experience. The next day too I enjoy the natural beauty of Sonangpedang very relaxed. Then 8 km from Sonangpedang to the border, we intentionally go on foot to enjoy the beauty and cross the border.


Cost calculation:


Travel tax: 500
Dhaka-Sylhet bus: 480
Sylhet-Tamabil: 100
Breakfast: 35
Border Tips: Didn’t ask for any money from us
Lunch at Dauki Bazaar: Rs90
Dauki-Sonampedang taxi fare: Rs.200 / 4 = Rs.50


Entry: 40 rupees / 4 = 10 rupees
Boating: Rs.550 / 3 = Rs.185
Dinner: Rs.60
We ate Chicken-Thali:150 rupees
Breakfast: 50 rupees
Lunch: Rs 150
Tent rent: 2 tents 1000 rupees / 4 = 250 rupees
Sonangpedang-Border: We walk. If you reserve a taxi, it will cost 200-300 rupees.
Total in India: Rs.845 = Tk.1045 Tamabil-Sylhet: CNG fare is 600  / 4 = 150 Tk
Dinner: 30 Tk (light meal)



Sylhet-Dhaka bus: 470 tk
# Total_expenditure: Tk-2800


N.B: Don’t ruin the environment by throwing dirt where it is, and get along well with the local people, then you will get a lot of support from them

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