Travel Details of Mumbai and Goa.

After a 10-day trip to Meghalaya, Mumbai, and Goa, I returned home yesterday. There is only one day left until the end of office leave. So I thought at this time I could write something about the Mumbai, Goa travel experience.

Both workplace and place of residence – being Sylhet, we managed to get 3 working friends office vacation.

Since travel to Meghalaya is very common and relatively less troublesome, I will skip the Meghalaya part of this article and try to write some information based only on Mumbai, Goa.



From the country, I confirmed the ticket for Guwahati to Mumbai and Goa to Guwahati flight. The total fare from Spice Jet to Guwahati to Mumbai and Goa to Guwahati was TK 16,600 per person. If you do it yourself with an international credit card, the rent would be less. Being a bank manager yourself and paying extra for an overseas domestic flight ticket through an agency without using a credit card was big nonsense. In case of air tickets on Overseas Domestic Line, try to get it yourself by credit card.

After visiting Dauki-Shillong for two days, I left Shillong Police Bazaar at 9 am the next day and reached Guwahati Airport at 12.30 pm. Our SpiceJet flight leaves Guwahati at 3 am and lands at Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji Airport at 6.10 am. Gate No. 10 from the airport exit and Gate No. 4 to reach the destination by taxi service directly from inside the airport. We used Gate 4 and took a taxi directly from the airport to our hotel. The rent was 550 rupees for 3 people. The taxi service at the airport is very good and the fare is reasonable.

In Mumbai, we were at the Hotel ‘Basantashram’ opposite the Police Commissioner’s Office next to Crawford Market in Old Mumbai. I booked from the country through ‘Egda’. It is better to go with hotel booking in Mumbai. There is another hotel called ‘New Bengal’ near our hotel in this area. Many Bangladeshis go to Mumbai here. Muhammad Ali Road and surroundings. In Mumbai, mainly Bangladeshis live in this circle. And the location is also very useful for travel. All the important tourist places of Mumbai – Hotel Taj, Gateway of India, famous Marine Drive Road, CST train station are all located near this area. However, the taxi dropped us off right in front of the hotel. I easily reached the hotel by turning on Google Maps. The accuracy of Google Maps in Mumbai is great.

Regarding food, I found out from the hotel that there is a Muslim hotel just below Hotel New Bengal, where we ate while staying in Mumbai. The food was quite good and the price was reasonable.



We worked for two more hours that night. It takes a whole day in the middle of a trip to Mumbai. And to see the whole of Mumbai in one day, Mumbai City Tourism bus ‘Mumbai Darshan’ is probably the best option. We booked an all-day tour of ‘Mumbai Darshan’ the next day on the first night. And the next day, I confirmed the ticket for the Mumbai-Goa sleeper bus at 5 pm and that night. There are a lot of travel and transport based agencies on the streets around where I was. If you want, the hotel can do it.

Note that from Mumbai to Goa can be reached by air, bus, train all the way. But train tickets are not available unless you buy them in advance.

After a good night’s sleep, I got on the ‘Mumbai Darshan’ bus from 10 am the next day. The bus picks up travelers from in front of Hotel Guler. He turned around all day and left in front of the hotel by 6 pm. Gateway of India, Hotel Taj, Juhu Beach, Chowpatty Beach, Marine Drive Road, and the new suspension bridge connecting North and South Mumbai over the sea – these spots look really good.


After walking around all day, we got off the bus in front of the hotel, did not return to the hotel, took a meter taxi at around 8 pm, and went to Marine Drive Road with only 22 rupees. How beautiful the Mumbai Marine Drive Road can be at night cannot be explained without going there. This is what we like best in Mumbai.
Returning to the hotel at 9.30 pm, we took some rest and went out again to watch the 11 o’clock show of ‘Saho’ movie on Mumbai Metro Innix, just 5 minutes walk from the hotel. After watching the movie at two o’clock at night, I returned to the hotel. It was like seeing the luxurious environment of Ainx.



The bus to Goa will leave at 5 pm the next day, so I sleep till 9 am the next day. We leave our luggage at the hotel at 10 am and check out. After finishing the marketing in 2 hours, I spent time on Gateway of India and Marine Drive Road and left the hotel at 3 o’clock with my luggage and went to the bus stop. Note that all their systems are very updated. As soon as the bus ticket is confirmed, the message of the bus operator will start coming to your mobile. You will also be informed from where to get up. If you take a taxi to that place, they will pick you up.



The thing I like most about Mumbai is the taxi service. All taxis run on meters and they are very honest.

Our bus was a full tie slipper bus. If the bus service is good and the road is unpaved, it takes more time. After 14 hours we reached Goa at 9 am.

Now let’s come to Goa part.

I understand that writing is getting longer. Even then, I have to write about Goa as much as I can, for fear that I will not have time to write later.

Goa is the most popular tourist state in India. Goa


There are three parts. North, South, and Old Goa.

North Goa has the highest number of beaches and the highest number of tourists. The question may arise- which of the many beaches will you stay in ?? There are a number of beaches in the North Part that look and feel good. However, near Calangute Beach, Calangute has the highest number of tourists. This beach is big and its popularity is relatively high due to its location.



We were at Hostel Aerostel in Calangute, a 10-minute walk from Calangute Beach. I booked from and saw the reviews very well. This is a hostel. Our experience at the hostel was great. The rent was 4,000 for three people in three nights. It was a perfect ‘good value for money’.



The bus from Mumbai to Gula stops at 3 stops in Goa. The Mapusa stop is the closest to Calangute. I got off at Mapusa and took a taxi for 350 rupees to our hotel in Calangute.

We stayed in Goa for 3 nights and 4 days. On the first day, I went to the hotel, took a rest, had lunch, and left for Calangute and Baga Beach. The plan was to take a bath at sea. With that preparation, we walked from the hotel to Calangute beach. I went to the beach and walked along the beach and reached Baga beach in 10 minutes. Baga Beach is really beautiful. Mountains on one side and the sea on the other. This beach has some similarities with some beaches in Thailand. We took a bath in Baga Beach. After the jumping episode with the big waves, I walked along the beach again and came to Calangute beach and spent the afternoon here and came back to the hostel. We eat food in this hostel every day. The owner of the hostel is a very gentleman and a very good chef himself.




Our next day North Goa Outing car was arranged by the hostel owner himself. Site seeing fare from morning to evening was Rs.2000.

The place that you can see is Gula in North Goa — Agueda Fort – Cinquerem Beach (very beautiful) – Aguada Beach – Candlem Beach – Baga Beach – Anjuna Beach – Bhagatur Beach – Chapora Fort (Dil Chahate movie shooting spot).
The drivers will show you in this serial. Ask them to show all these spots. And at the end of it all, keep the Chapora Fort. Return to the hostel to see the sunset in the Arabian Sea from the top view there. It will be an afternoon to remember.



Cinquerem Beach, Agueda Beach, Anjuna Beach, Bhagatur Beach – try to spend more time on these beaches.

I have already had the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful beaches and islands of Thailand with time. Despite that experience, the whole city of Goa is a really good place to stay.

The next day, the 2nd day of the Goa tour, we went nowhere to relax and roam the city and spend the sea bathing. There is a hotel called ‘BRITTOS’ in Baga Beach. There are various marine fish items. Very tasty butt price high. Can test.

The next day, on the last day of our Goa tour, we saw some parts of Old and South Goa. Tickets for Goahati with transit from Goa Airport to Mumbai at 11 pm were canceled, so the site would be dropped off at the airport at 8 pm with site seeing all day – on this condition I fixed the car the day before with Rs 3500.



There are two large churches in Old Goa. Feeling better. It’s a basilica de bomb. These two places in close proximity are very nice places to take pictures. I have shared several pictures on my profile. We visited Donna Paula (Singham Movie Shooting Spot), Panji Market, Mangueshi Temple, Miramar Beach. And at the end of it all, I went on a boat cruise. For those who have already made a river cruise to the bank, it may not feel as good as I did. The rest can cruise if they want. The cost is 500 rupees.


River Cruise ends at 6 pm and drops us off at Goa Airport at 8 pm.

Note that this time it was not seen as Dudhsagar falls off in September.



That’s all I can say about the cost Mumbai, Goa didn’t seem like a very expensive place for us. With the start of the on-season in Goa, the cost may have been a bit lower. The cost estimates have not yet been matched in that sense. However, apart from airfare and shopping, only Mumbai (2 nights and 3 days) and Goa (3 nights and 4 days) cost around Rs 30,000 per person. Note that in some cases, including food, we spent a little more.


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