Travel expenses and travel to Mawa Ghat and Arial Beel for one days holiday

These autumn afternoons are the perfect time to go for a walk on the bill, you can spend a wonderful day watching the sun, rain, and clouds play.

At around 9 am (from Mirpur to Swadhin, Gulistan, or Postagola to Gangchil / Bhagyakul / Aram) you can get on any bus going to Mawa. You will reach Mawaghat before 11:00 am.





From Mawa Ghat you can go around the Padma river by speedboat, the piling work of the Padma bridge is going on, you can go around in just 20 + 20 = 40 minutes. However, there is no need to worry about the speedboat because everyone will be given a life jacket in the speedboat, whether you know how to swim or not, you must wear a life jacket. If you want, you can go out earlier and visit the direct “Padma Resort”.




After walking around, go straight to the hotel for food at 1: 00/1: 30, sit at the hotel, and fry your own hilsa. After a while, hot rice, tail + egg mash, eggplant fry, hilsa mash, potato mash, and the famous Padma hilsa will come.




After serving the food, leave for the most interesting place of the tour “Arial Bill” at 2:00.



From Mawa to Gadighat you can take two ways. One is, after getting off the bus/laguna from Mawa to Srinagar-Bezgaon, you can take an auto-rickshaw to Srinagar Bazar or direct to Gadighat. And two, you can take an autorickshaw directly from Mawa to Gadighat. Since autorickshaws do not run on highways, going to Gadighat through the village will also be added as a bonus experience.



If you want, you can go from Dhaka to spend a day just for the purpose of “Arial-Bill”. In that case, you can get off the bus at Bezgaon or get off at Srinagar bus stand and go through Srinagar Vejbazar. However, getting down to Bejgaon is a convenient reason
As soon as you get off at Bejgaon, you will see auto-rickshaws, rickshaws, and Laguna standing.




On the way to Gadighat by autorickshaw, you will see “Shyam Siddhi Math”. You can leave the auto side and walk around the monastery for 15 minutes. This monastery is very rich in history, it is the highest monastery in the subcontinent, you can find out more about it by Google. However, over time, the space of the monastery has become much narrower. People knew in their mouths that they had taken the powerful and valuable magnet from here by helicopter.




From here you can reach Gadighat by auto in about ten to fifteen minutes. Mainly you have to rent a boat here.

Get down there and buy light snacks, water, cold drinks to eat on the boat.
You can rent a trawler for three hours at a rate of 400 TK per hour. Or many small boats can be found for 2/3 people.




At first, it seemed very normal for a while, but after a while, you will understand the real beauty of Arial Bilen, the joy of soaking your feet in clean water with cold air is indescribable. You can stop the engine of the boat as you wish and enjoy it as you wish. There is a small char there. The whole char is covered behind a tree.



Everyone has more or less shared the funny things about Arial Bill. But the whole beauty of the bill at the touch of the rain will give you a new love for water. That feeling is indescribable. (In the video clip below I just tried to capture some of his little memories).



Now let’s talk about the cost.


Bus fare:
1) Mirpur 10 to Bejgaon – 90 TK
2) From Postagola to Bezgaon – 60 TK
3) Mawa from Gulistan – 60 TK
4) Mawa from Mirpur – 100 TK
** Auto Reserve (for 7-8 people):
From Mawa to Gadighat- (TK. 350-400)
From Bejgaon to Gadighat- (150-160 TK)
Boat rent: (350-500 TK per hour)

Cost of food:
A medium-size hilsa – 500 TK
(Beware of fake hilsa fish)
Mashed potatoes and eggplant, mashed tail + eggs
(They will make it)
Take rice as a plate,
If you want to give as a bowl/bowl, don’t do it.
–Eat together at Mawa Ghat-
Per Person (Rs. 150-160)

Extra some costs such as breakfast + drinks
Total – (TK. 450-550 / person)
[Depending on the group member]






1) After eating in the boat, a packet of chips, polythene, plastic bottle, and all other things in a big bag, and after going around, you will come to Gadighat and throw it at the specified place.
2) Many people pick up or destroy the water lilies of the bill. So the number of water lilies was quite low. So please everyone try to protect the natural beauty.
3) Do not forget to take a set of clothes and polythene with or without the purpose of bathing. If you want in the sun/rain, you can take an umbrella with you.


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