Travel from Dhaka to Sunamganj via Netrokona.

A month after the start of the new year, it felt a little bad as there was no way to go on a tour. Eventually I planned a tour with him.

Today I will write how to finish Sunamganj and Netrokona in two days.
At present, Sushang Durgapur in Netrokona or Tanguar Haor and Shimul Bagan in Sunamganj are equally popular. However, after the two districts are side by side, I don’t see anyone visiting the popular places of the two districts together. So I made the decision. The tour will be from Dhaka to Sunamganj via Netrokona.
I will add the details at the end of the cost calculation.





Our first target was the porcelain hills of Birishiri and some other places along the Someshwari river. So plan like that. But later I thought that if you want to go to the next district Sunamganj, then why not? For that purpose, I boarded the bus at 12.40 pm last Thursday for Durgapur.
The bus dropped off at Birishiri Bazaar at 5.15 pm. It was not dark then but trucks started coming to take the sand of Someshwari. It is a very common scenario that Durgapur will stay for a few days. No other hotel or guest house will be open this morning, so I looked around the market. I also got a small food hotel. As soon as I came out after a light breakfast, I saw that Durgapur was getting back to life.
Our first task is to get up in a guest house. The best guest houses in Durgapur are YWCA Guest House and YMCA Guest House. There are also some other standard guest houses where you can stay at very low cost. We four friends went to the YMCA guest house. While going to the guest house, I met Naren, the auto driver. I fixed him for the tour later. After a while I went out fresh to see the beauty of Durgapur. In Durgapur, in fact, you can mistakenly think that you came to a kingdom of sand! Whether you rent an auto or a bike, drivers will talk about many places, but the real attraction of Durgapur is the Someshwari river and the china clay hills. You can also win in Garo Hills. Besides, Ranikhong Mission is at Someshwari Zero Point.







You can spend a lot of time with the auto rickshaw and see all the spots in the afternoon. We start at 8 in the morning and end at 6 in the afternoon. Because everywhere we took quite a while. There are many local hotels where you can eat at low cost. The food was good, but I would say if you go to Durgapur, you must have a Malay tea when you go to Garo Hills. The auto driver will take you to Malai Mama. And give a little more time to Someshwari than any other place, both your money and time will be recovered. I have never seen such clear water as Someshwari. It was the best for me.

One day is enough to visit Durgapur if you want but since we are planning to go to Sunamganj we get out at exactly seven o’clock the next day. He didn’t have to say the real thing. Netrokona is famous for one more thing, which is the sweetness of ‘Gayanath’s pillow’. So I will come to Netrokona and go around and I will not take the test of Gayanath’s pillow. And if you go to Sunamganj, you have to go to Netrokona and get out without being late. There are two roads from Durgapur to Netrokona. We go to Netrokona Sadar through Dheutukon. Twice here you will cost 95 rupees. I traveled to Sunamganj with Gayanath’s pillow test. We have to cover everything in one day. We have no decision to go through the inner alley without going to Sunamganj Sadar. This will save time. But it is quite a shocking path. Transportation has to be changed many times. Most of the time you have to stay on the bike. When we reached Tahirpur after crossing the remote Giri Kanta desert, it was half-past two. As it is a winter day, not much time will be available. So we couldn’t stay anywhere longer. But it is time to visit Tekerghat Nilardi Lake, Barikkar Tila, Jadukata River, Laur Garh and Shimul Gardens. The places are nearby. But if you want to do water sports in the magical river, you must take your time. The magical river was once famous for its sand, but now it is the Someshwar river. Its water is clear. The beauty of all this cannot be written off.

Route and cost. (The rooms in the YMCA guest house are suitable for two people. You can rent a bike or an auto for two people, so I am mentioning the cost for two people.)
There are several ways to go from Dhaka to Durgapur, I am saying what I am following.
There is a direct bus service from Mohakhali to Durgapur. Mommy transport is quite popular on this route. Rent from Mohakhali to Durgapur is 350 TK.
Room for two people in YMCA guest house is 600 TK. In a word, their environment is great.
All day auto rental is between 800-900. But sometimes you have to pay 100 TK toll, who will pay it. Our drivers Naren and Anjul Mia were amazing in one word. We will remember them for a long time. We were renting a rickshaw for 800 and they would pay the toll but later we paid 600.



If you want to rent an auto,
Naren 01946341359
Anjul 01992415375
Can contact.
Good food is available at Nirala Hotel in Durgapur Bazar. Per person can give a good fist by 150. The hotel at Swarna Guest House is also good.
To go to Netrokona Sadar the next day,
From Brijghat to Dheutokon auto fare 40 TK per person then you have to cross Kangs river boat fare 5 TK per person, again Netrokona Sadar fare in auto 50 TK. Surely you love this journey of auto. Extensive crop fields on both sides.
Why go so far without testing Gayanath’s pillow. Our next destination is from Netrokona





Dharmapasha. If you want you can go by bus from Netrokona to Mohanganj. If time is short then bike e is better for you. Dharmapasha bike rental from Netrokona is 250 TK. From Dharmapasha you have to go to Madhyanagar Bazar. You can also go by bike if you want, but in this case, if you take an auto, you will save some money. Auto will rent 50 rupees. You will have to go down to the river bank of Madhyanagar and cross the river for 5 rupees. After that there is no auto or bus, only bike game here. You can say that you have moved to the area of ​​Tanguar Haor. From Madhyanagar Bazar you have to go to Tahirpur. If you want, you can rent a bike from here who will show you Tekerghat, Tanguar Haor, Shimul Bagan, in that case the rent will be a bit higher but it will save time. We like to break up because we need to save money. Tahirpur bikes are rented from Madhyanagar Bazar for 300 but the bike owners will want a lot more so they will pay a little more. And in the meantime you have to pay several times for every 60 bikes you have to pay. The whole road from Madhanagar Bazar to Tahirpur is through Tanguar air. In a word, it is amazing when you go through the middle of the haor. However, the rainy season scenario is different. And roads and many more. You have to go down to Tahirpur and rent a bike again. You have to fix how you want to go with the bike in advance or you will have some extra money out of your pocket. When we reached Tahirpur, we didn’t have much time. We decided to take our bikes to Tekerghat, Barikka Tila and take us down to Shimul Bagan. The rent is 300.


You can’t spend much time anywhere in one day. However, the bike ride tour in the haor is an additional debt. If you want to back Sunamganj from Shimul Bagan, there are several ways. You can reserve a bike from Shimul Bagan or slowly. After crossing the magical river, you can come to Bainnakula Bazaar and reach Sunamganj by bike or auto. Local fare on auto is 100.

Recently, a branch of the famous Pansi Hotel in Sylhet has opened at the Sunamganj bus stand. After such a long journey, you can give a hard fist if you want. And there is nothing new to say about Pansi or the food of five brothers =)
The fare from Sunamganj to Hanif or Shyamoli to Dhaka is 550 TK.
And the cost may vary.


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