Travel from south to north.

Putting an end to all speculations, our long month-long plan has finally come true. We have been to the sea or the mountains many times, so this time we wanted to travel to the plains. We all decided to visit Rajshahi division and two districts of Khulna division.

In ten days Meherpur> Kushtia> Pabna> Natore> Rajshahi> Naogaon> The beginning of the journey to Bogra is as follows:

We three friends left Chittagong.
I reached Dhaka from Chittagong by bus at 10 pm on 22-02-2019 at 4 am. I got off the bus and went to my friend’s house for breakfast. I slept for a while in my tired body and refreshed myself because the dirt of the long journey was waiting in front of me.

I went to Ekushey Book Fair in the afternoon. After spending a few hours there, I came to the room in the evening to chat with my friends and had dinner.
I left Uber at 8 pm and left for Kalyanpur bus stand in Dhaka. I bought a bus ticket from Shyamoli to Meherpur at 9 am and auctioned fare = 450 (per person).
Meherpur can be reached in two ways by crossing Bangabandhu Bridge and Padma River. Those who cross the ferry will get a bus from Gabtali.






Day 2-
I reached Meherpur at 5 in the morning. After sitting at the bus counter for a while, I had breakfast in the morning. Then I drove to Mujibnagar at 40 per person.

Mujibnagar (former name: Vaidyanathtala)
It was the capital of the first provisional government of Bangladesh. It was here that the Council of Ministers of the government was sworn in on 17 April at Amrakan in the then Vaidyanathtala present Mujibnagar. It has been built in a beautiful way to preserve the heritage of the first capital of Bangladesh. I left Hridaypur Border by van from Mujibnagar. There is nothing to see. I got out of Mujibnagar and drove to Amjhupi Nilkuthi. Rent 50.
During the British rule, the British built the historic Amjhupi indigo factory at Meherpur on 64 acres of land for the purpose of indigo cultivation.






As indigo cultivation is very profitable, indigo cultivation started here in 1896. Between 1818 and 1820, indigo factories were established at several places in Meherpur. Among them Amjhupi, Bhatpara of Gangni, Bamandi indigo factory are some of them. There is a beautiful Kajla river next to Amjhupi indigo factory. It is said that Robat Clive used to come to Amjhupi Nilkuthi to spend his time there.

I turned to Nilkuthi and drove to Meherpur Sadar. Rent 20. I went down to the market, had lunch and went to Kushtia. Rent 90.
It takes about 2 hours to reach Kushtia from Meherpur.
I got down from Majampur and drove to Chheuriya. Here is Lalon’s stable. Spend time till evening
Asi Chourhas turn by auto, rent 15. This time our destination is Kushtia University.
I bought a bus ticket for 30 rupees and reached the university in 40 minutes.
Then I freshen up and look around the whole camp. We like the camp very much, everything is arranged. Eat dinner then sleep peacefully.






3rd day:
I woke up in the morning, had breakfast, spent some more time on campus and took a bus to Asi Chourhas. This time I will go to Shilaidaha Kuthibari. If you want to go to Shilaidaha, first you have to take CNG from Chowdhury intersection to Alauddin turn, fare 15.
Shilaidaha Kuthibari, rent 20 to go down there again by CNG.
After visiting Kuthibari, the van will leave the house and you will find three places on the banks of Padma, Rabithakur’s Kachari Ghar, five-storey wooden house. Rent 30 rupees per person.
From where you will get in the van, turn around three places and get down at that place again.
Let’s go to Alauddin turn from Kuthibari. Have lunch here.
Then he drove to Kushtia city in a van after renting Mir Musharraf’s Birthplace and Memorial Museum, one of the world’s most tragic books ‘Bishad Sindhur’.
Go to Renuk Dam from the city. It is very close to Kushtia town. 5 rupees by auto.
Visit Kushtia Municipality on arrival.
Then freshen up at the hotel and go out to visit Kushtia city at night.
We were walking around government colleges, parks, railway stations, medical neighborhoods.
Today I eat dinner without going around. Then sleep in peace.

I haven’t been to a hotel in a day so I couldn’t talk about hotel rent.
However, you will get a double bed room for 500-1000 TK.
The cost can be a little less, you can eat at 60-70 TK per meal.
Some of the information in the text is taken from Wikipedia.
Forgiveness will look beautiful.


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