Travel talk- Shillong.

I took a taxi from Guwahati to the Cantonment junction in Shillong. Never come before. All you need to know about Shillong is Facebook / Internet. Mountain town, no autos, no rickshaws, just taxis running. Like a foreign picture, everyone is busy. It took 2 minutes for the police to go to the market in a taxi. The rent was 100 rupees. The hotel was not fixed before. Hotel rent is much higher than Siliguri, Darjeeling, Guwahati. Not all hotels allow foreigners. Finding a lot, I found a fairly quality hotel. I am not willing to indulge in the luxury of travel, the more it is seen at a lower cost – this is the policy. There were bags, a 2 / 2.5 minute ride to the hotel cost 150 rupees. I wanted to see the sights of the city in the afternoon. As it was evening, he had to cancel the plan. In the evening I went to the tourism office. They have different packages. Said, all the seats in the bus are booked, if someone cancels it will give it to us. I gave up hope of tourist bus service. The main attraction of Shillong is Sohra or Cherrapunji. The two of us will go there. The next morning while having tea at the police market (they say PB) I told the shopkeeper (name Nanda Lal) what to do if I have to go to Sohra. He said, there are 6/7 itinerary or places of interest in Sohra, all can be seen by taxi. Nanda called a taxi, the fare will be 1600 / – rupees. The driver is Muslim, name is Zahurul. I started the journey towards Sohra. As soon as you get out of the city and cross the cantonment and the airbase, there are shiny hilly roads, green rows of pines on both sides. The houses are small, as beautiful as the picture. I forgot about yesterday’s hardships due to the strength of beauty. The driver’s house is in Assam, very polite boy. I am watching the beautiful scenery on both sides and talking to him. First I found Mawkdok Valley View Point. I took pictures of the mountains. Then Eco Park (Missing Falls). The clouds are tied up at the bottom of the hill and coming up. Strangely beautiful place. A wide valley on a high hill. Then I went to MawSmai Cave. Great one cave, pretty big. A couple are coming back for fear of being in the middle. They are like broilers in the city. We sank into the cave. What peace inside Duke! Feeling cold. What a unique creation of God! Then I went to Mot-Trop Rock. Bangladesh can be seen from here. Ah, that dear Bangladesh. The British gave all the hills to this side! They are really British! Didn’t see the Botanical Garden, so closed on Wednesday. And we did not visit Ramakrishna Mission. I saw the view from outside. Then I saw Nohkalikai and Seven Sisters Water Falls and went back to Shillong. Big fountains, there is no such thing as winter now. The next morning I saw some points around the city. I plan to cross the border with Dauki in the afternoon. Wards Lake down the hill in the main town. Then I saw Elephant Falls. The British gave it such a name because it had a fountain in the shape of an elephant. The rock was later damaged in the 1897 earthquake. We skipped to see the Living Root Bridge on the way to Dauki to see the city’s golf courses, museums, churches to save time. And I saw Umium lake on the way from Guwahati. We continued down the narrow road from the main road. Tourism in India is much more mature than ours. And their tribal ethnic groups are not backward in education. Survives with power by keeping pace with the mainstream. The main population in Shillong is Khasia. They themselves converted to Christianity during the British rule, improved their education and benefited financially. Now I want to see the Living Root Bridge. I went down the stairs about 5 kg from the top. The name of the mountain river is Thyllong which means holy river. The root bridge is made of the roots of two living rubber trees on either side of the river. It is known that two trees were planted in 1840 to facilitate the movement of the villagers and to preserve the nature. This bridge is the main attraction of Meghalaya. Then we went to Clean Village, named Mawlyngnong. They claim to be the cleanest village in Asia. Neat village. Tourists are coming, visiting, buying things made by them. I also bought a tray of bamboo cane. In fact, tourism is bonding, it needs publicity. By bonding clean villages, the whole village is taking maximum advantage of tourism, has changed their destiny. Nothing, just presenting themselves neatly. This time our journey is on the way to Dauki. Border town. Earlier, I saw the Dauki Bridge and the river from Bangladesh in amazement, I could not get close. Now it’s Sude’s turn to pick up. The waters of the Dauki River are bluish green, the bottom is clear. I rented a boat. Cool water, rocks of various colors are visible under the river. I sailed from the boat for about 45 minutes. Bangladesh at this end of the river! After crossing the Dauki Bridge by boat and leaving the taxi, I was crossing the zero point. In the evening, a team of BSF was doing a Flag Down Ceremony. This is how I ended my trip to Shillong.










* Required Tips:
1. If a group of 4 or 8/9 people go together on a trip to Shillong, it is convenient to use all the seats in a car or jeep. The cost will be less, the joy will be more.
2. Finding a hotel in Shillong is a matter of time. Inquire beforehand, but go.
3. Like other hill towns, E-Shillong shops close after dusk.
4. Lots of spots to see in Shillong. If you plan for 3 days, you can cover almost everything.
4. Take pictures of the list of places of interest from the tourist office on your mobile. The driver can match all the shows.
5. The police market is the main location of the city. There are many shops including huge mega stores. Shop there.
. Shillong is a safe city. You can travel without fear. Keep the money to yourself.
. Keep passport, photo and xerox / photocopy of passport. Hot

There will be various needs including le.

Happy Traveling 🙂


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