Travel to 5 districts including Chapainawabganj.

We left Dhaka Kamalapur at 11 pm on Padma Express and 3 of us left for Rajshahi .. one from Brahmabaria and the other from Narail and I joined from Dhaka … After chatting in front of the gate, I reached Rajshahi at 5:30 in the morning .. and on the train, I met a brother at his house in Chapainawabganj .. We got off the train at Chapainawabganj with Rajshahi and bought a ticket to go to Chapainawabganj. Coming to tour, I can’t do this anymore .. I got on the bus and left at Chapainawabganj Bishbrod junction … I went there to have tea, then that brother rented us a CNG to go to Shibganj … I said goodbye to that brother and left for Shibganj .. Auction then I ate Adi Chamcham … then I drove from Shibganj to Kansat Bazaar .. I went there to Kansat Big Mango Bazaar then I went by van to Kansat Zamindarbari .. I had to see the house from a distance because the house was risky so … then there I rented an auto van from the reserve He took us to the small Sona Mosque … the artwork of a very beautiful mosque .. from there he took Tahkhana and next to it was a three-domed mosque .. I went around all these things Sona Mosque Zero Point from there India starts and ends and Bangladesh starts and ends .. Let’s go from there to another archeological mosque Khaniyadighi mosque..the locals know it as Chamchika mosque … from there we say goodbye to that vanwala..then we reserve an auto and go to Bholahat Upazila … I have a friend there, we are basically in his house I will stay there at night … go there and have lunch .. then their village takes us to the banks of the river Mahananda .. it was great to spend the afternoon there … from the banks of the river Malda of India can be seen very close … I come back home … then I go out again and walk around the mango orchard … From here the mango goes to different districts by truck..then after the tour, I come home and eat and drink and I am not ready to sleep … I slept in the mudroom. Ah, what a peaceful sleep … I have to get up in the morning and go to my second destination Rajshahi district …
Cost of 1st day (7.8.2019):
In all, the cost for 3 of us was 2640 ÷ 3 = 880


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