Travel to Bawachhara Lake in Wahedpur village.

Bawachhara Lake is named as Bawachhara Lake as it is located at the mouth of Barmasi Chhara in Wahedpur village of Mirsarai. The location of the lake is one and a half kilometers east of the Dhaka-Chittagong highway on the south side of Chhotkamaldaha Bazar in Wahedpur Union of Mirsarai Upazila. From afar, one can hear the sound of water cascading down the fountain, the chirping of the guest birds in the ceremony of the mountain green trees. Anyone from children to the elderly will be fascinated by the wind. It is as if he is calling the tourists to the beautiful green land of beauty. Unique natural scenery. High mountains on both sides. With a sigh, endless cold water is flowing from the high mountains ..

# How to go:
Bawachhara Lake is located at the foot of the hill just one and a half kilometers down the south side of Chhotkamaldaha Bazar in Mirsarai Upazila on the Dhaka-Chittagong Highway from anywhere in the country. It will take about 40-45 minutes to reach Kamaladaha by small car from Chittagong.

# Where to stayঃ
There is no hotel in Chhota Kamaldah area or Mirsharai. So if you want to stay the night, you have to go to Chittagong or Feni.

# Where to eatঃ
There is a famous food hotel called ‘Driver’ Hotel in Kamaldah Bazaar. Besides, there is a ‘Kutumbbari Restaurant’ in Chittagong city.
Do not pollute the environment wherever you go. Throw packets of chips, polythene in certain dustbins. Do not treat the locals badly …



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