Travel to Bhutan, Darjeeling, Siliguri.

Most of the people who are travel lovers want to create a travel plan in a very beautiful way at very low cost. And if that plant is outside the country, then there is no question. Everyone wants to travel to a beautiful place. Different countries have different natural beauties. Just like today we will tell you the story of a very small and beautiful country. Definitely understood after the title. Yes, we are telling you the story of Bhutan travel today.

Bhutan is not very big. The population is not so much. Bhutan is a country with a population of about 6 lakh. The name of the language of Bhutan is Jangkha. Many may think that it is a combination of Hindi and Bengali. In fact, it is a unique language. There are some similarities with the Tibetan language.

Anyway, let’s get to the real thing now. From Chittagong you can go to Bhutan via India. Buy Air and Buy Road. In this case you have to take transit through India which is very affordable. If you go by air, there are Bhutan Airlines in our country. It takes one hour to go. Since we went by bus we are talking about bus tour so we will talk about by road.







First go to the official website of Indian Visa Application and fill up a form. Must give transit visa. Border will be given by Chandrabandha / Jaigaon. Entry will be double entry. Philip very carefully. You will get a PDF file after filling. Print out the PDF file and add 2 * 2 size image to it. When it comes to uploading pictures online, many people have problems, so you should keep in mind that you will upload pictures of 350 pixels. If you want to fill the form, you can pay online. For this, come to the home page, open the payment option and you will get the desired page. If you want you can pay with Dutch Bangla, Rocket Bikash, U Cash anything. In this case your charge will be 824 rupees. If you pay from outside, you can pay through U Cash. In this case, they charge a little more, usually they charge around 900 rupees.







Now let’s see what documents are needed.
1. Passport.
2. Dollar endorsement copy / bank statement. If you endorse dollars with a card, you will need a photocopy of the card and a photocopy of the endorsement in your passport. However, the advantage is that you do not have to go through any trouble with the bank statement. Usually you have to have about 20 thousand in the bank.
3. Photocopy of home electricity bill or water bill.
4. Photocopy of your National ID Card or Photocopy of your Birth Certificate.
5. Come and go confirm bus ticket. However, if you want, you can buy a bus ticket for Shyamoli / Navila Paribahan. Because of how much trouble we had. We bought a ticket for Navila Transport. We changed the travel date without getting a visa.
. Hotel booking copy in Bhutan. You can go to and make a paper of hotel booking copy. And yes, one thing I want to tell you is that you must give us the exact date of the booking. Because the Indian High Commissioner does not look at the bus ticket when the booking date is around, but they look at the hotel booking date and issue the visa. Our bus journey expired on the date. But there was no problem. I went to the canter and fixed it.
. Photocopy of your Student ID Card / College Salary Receipt / Photocopy of Business Card or Trade License if you are a student
This is a rough document. Photocopy the documents with the print form and go to Chittagong Indian High Commissioner and submit it.




Then wait for the visa.
Assuming you got a visa. If you have got a double entry visa, you will get permission to stay in India for three days on arrival and three days on arrival.
We used three days of hope.

Once you get the visa, start the journey for the desired time. Before leaving, take a photocopy of your passport, Visa, student ID card, confirmation letter of hotel e-booking and take many of them because you don’t know exactly when and where they will be taken.
Assuming you got a visa. Navila Paribahan’s Chittagong Burimari bus ticket is 950 rupees. Get on the bus at 5 pm and reach Burimari Border in the morning. There, eat bread, parota fried eggs. It will cost about 50 rupees. There were 2 of us. I paid travel tax to Burimari Bank. Arriving in the morning we stood in the line of immigration. I pay travel tax 500 and 300 rupees extra so I can immigrate without any hassle. We entered without any trouble. Immigration takes about an hour to complete. After completing immigration, when you enter India, break the dollar at the border. Because then the price will be lower everywhere. Anyway, rent a car and go to Chandrabandha to Food Soling Border. The car rental for four people here is 1500 to 1600 rupees. Have a light breakfast at the Food Soling Border. There you will find some restaurants where beef is available. After lunch, complete India Immigration and enter Bhutan and go there and add Bhutan’s On Arrival ‘Visa Passport at Food Selling Border. In this case you will be allowed to fill out a form. Fill it nicely. You will also need to add a photocopy of your passport, visa copy and photo.
Submit these and add Passport on Arrival ‘Visa.

If all the documents are in order, you will get a visa. What is eighty now


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