Travel to Chandpur river, the land of Hilsa.

Without thinking, I decided to have a mission in Chandpur. I got up very early in the morning and went out to the red house of Sadarghat. The launch leaves from here and comes here again. When I came, I saw big launches calling me by hand. I entered the ghat without any delay and took a ticket with 5 rupees and entered in a hurry. Then I saw that the Bogdadiya-6 launch would leave Dhaka at 7:35 am. Very big and quite luxurious. Launches on time. I didn’t notice when I came to see the natural scenery of the river to go some distance. I arrived at 11:30. Then I got down from the launch and got out of the ghat to see the estuary of Aslam Bara Station Three River. Where the Padma, Meghna and Dakatiya are the confluence of these three rivers. Thousands of people gather every day to see this breathtaking view. I went out to eat the famous one minute ice cream, yoghurt and sweets of Chandpur. After eating, I went back to the dock and ate hot fried hilsa fish and fried eggplant at a hotel here. Now it’s time to return. Launch Sonartari at 3:40 p.m. In the afternoon I came back to Dhaka to see the beautiful view of the river. I would say perfect for a day trip. The launch leaves every hour from 8 am. The launch also leaves Chandpur every hour from 8 am. If you want, you can come back with your family and loved ones. You can go to the seat you want to go by cutting the ticket.
Launch Rental –
Single cabin – 500
Double cabin – 600
Family Cabin – 1500
VIP Cabin – 2000
First class chair – 250
Chair – 150
Deck – 100


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