Travel to Jaflong.

Train from Dhaka to Sylhet. One can stay in a residential hotel for one night. Although it will save time on the bus.
If you leave at 8 in the morning, it doesn’t take long to return from Jaflong, you can return to the city by 3 in the afternoon. I thought I would go to Bichnakandi, but Jaflong won.



Jaflong is one of the mountain springs in Meghalaya.

Neither bus nor micro, CNG was hired due to my desperate vomiting tendency. Of course, the journey was enjoyed as per one’s wish, there was an opportunity to stop in CNG and walk in nature. 30 minutes from the city to the suburbs, then about an hour and a half to see the mountains. Horizon wide crop fields are wider here, greener! On both sides of Tamabil Road, there are huge ponds, lakes, and so on. The mirror image of a cloudy sky in the clear water of the pond !!



The white cloud fairies are floating on the top of the hill touching the veil. In Meghalaya and Shillong hills, the water of Dugdhafenniv spring has come down to the plains and created water. Seeing a Khasia woman bathing in it, it seemed like the bride of this kingdom of heaven!


It took a total of 3 hours to reach Jaflong, as CNG. Jaflong on one side of the road, Tamabil border base on the other, where Indian trucks carrying goods have taken the Shillong hill road.


I saw the Jaflong stream flowing down a 30-story hill, and I saw rocks being lifted into a small river. It was about an hour’s walk across the river to Baliari, where I first saw the game of quicksand. Crossing the river, one can see the suspension bridge, the bridge between Meghalaya and Shillong. The stone continues to contemplate. The Indian tourist microbus runs through the bridge to the Shillong hills and the foot of the Bangladeshi tourist crowd. Everyone is watching, the gap is only at the border, in the transaction of mutual pleasure which could not create a barrier.


Beyond Baliari, ‘mayabi fountain’, Madhabkund is also near Fell !! It is coming down from the height of the 4th floor and falling on the chest of stone. It is the responsibility to stand in the strong current of the water! Also tea gardens, palaces can be seen on foot.


On the way back, I managed to climb the hill my breath was suffocating again, even though the 6-year-old guide was there!! Dad was with him, he inevitably sat on the ground.


Although the road in CNG hardly seemed like this time, since I have come on this road once …….. Besides, I am carrying with me a lot of beautiful memories.


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