Travel to Maheshkhali, Sonadia Island

Sonadia is a unique and beautiful island with an area of ​​9 sq km which is a reservoir of various biodiversity in the sea. The island is divided by a canal from Maheshkhali. The island has two neighborhoods, Purbapara and Paschimpara. We got off the boat and went to Paschimpara where we contacted the local Jasim Bhai and arranged the food before we left. It is to be noted that there is no hotel arrangement for staying or eating at Sonadia Island. If you want to stay and eat here, you can only stay with the local people in advance. We collected the contact of local Jasim Bhai from TOB. Very kind and hospitable Jasim Bhai arranged for us to stay and eat at a very nice and low cost. As soon as we set foot on the island, we cycled and walked straight to the beach.



Kutubdia beach was the best beach in the country I had visited before visiting Sonadia, but seeing the uninhabited and garbage-free Sonadia beach, I was forced to top Kutubdia and put Sonadia on top. No one knew when the sound of the waves of the lonely beach and the sound of the roar of Zhaoban went down in the afternoon. Going to Jasim Bhai’s tidy quiet house and taking a bath in the cold water of the tubewell, seeing pulses, mashed potatoes, and chicken with smoked rice, everyone remembered the extreme hunger of his stomach. Before evening came, I had tea in a small shop next to a few houses and ran for the green field on the bank of the canal. In the late afternoon, sitting on the grass, I started drinking the sweet water of coconut.



Whatever happens, if the fortune is good, I got the full moonlight as a bonus. What else can be missed is the opportunity to sit on the beach from evening to 9:30 pm and bathe in the white light of the moon. Because of the rainy season, I left out the desire for tents and barbecues, otherwise, tents are well arranged. Jasim Bhai can also make that arrangement. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, Sonadia Island is a great place to enjoy yourself and life from very close to nature, leaving behind the artificiality of electric light and wind. Keeping in mind the desire to go one more time during the winter, I saw the sunrise very early the next morning and after eating hot khichuri, I boarded the boat again and set off for Maheshkhali.




Some travel information


1) There is no electricity in Sonadia Island so it is necessary to take power bank for mobile charges. The network is available up to 3G.
2) From Maheshkhali Ghatibhanga Ghat every morning at high tide (around 10-11 am) the boat leaves for Sonadia, the fare is 30 TK per person. If you have a bicycle like ours, you have to pay some extra, we paid 30 TK per bicycle.



3) Food arrangements in Sonadia are possible only in the homes of the locals. So before you go, you must contact and make all the arrangements. If you search Sonadia Island in TOB, you will get some contacts. We contacted Jasim Bhai, a very polite, helpful, and straightforward person. His mobile number: 0171600212


4) Wherever you live, the whole village, so refrain from doing anything that annoys the local people. Everyone is very sincere and simple



5) We cycled from Chittagong. Those who want to go by car will be able to go directly to Badarkhali Janata Bazar by car called Sunline from the corner of Chittagong New Karnafuli Bridge, the fare will be 220 TK. You can take CNG directly from Janata Bazar to Adinath Road or Gorakghata Bazar (rent 100) where you can spend the night at a local hotel and leave the next morning for Ghatibhanga Ghat, 6-7 km away. We got up at Hotel Green Palace on Adinath Road. A room with two double beds (4 people) was rented for 500 TK, for one night.
6) Jasim Bhai’s house in Sonadia for one night and three meals had to pay 600 TKper person. The lunch and dinner menu was rice, aluvarta, and chicken and in the morning it was fried with hot khichuri.

For special information


1) It goes without saying that there is no crowd of tourists on Sonadia Island due to which there is no man-made garbage. While traveling on the island, everyone will refrain from littering this beach like other beaches.
2) Extra care should be taken when bathing in the seawater on this island as it is impossible to reach help immediately in case of any mishap as there are very few people on the beach.
3) Although no traveler has encountered any unpleasant incidents while staying on this island. However, if you have to go a little farther or to a secluded place out of curiosity, it is better to take the advice of a local person.
4) The island has a turtle breeding center. So while staying on the beach, take a little precaution so that your movements do not endanger the movement of the turtles.


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