Travel to Malaysia on Bye Road.

# I went to the Golden Mile Complex in Singapore to travel to Malaysia by road from Singapore. Since there is no MRT station near here, I went to Grab from Mostafa Center. There are many counters here. Paying SGD $ 20 (BDT 1,200 / -) in the presence of the ticket holder. The luggage capacity in the bus was sufficient. I don’t know if the rent would have been lower, but at the other counter, it was $ 22, $ 30. All is well. The road is very good. Comfortable journey. If I could cut the ticket earlier, it would be even better.



# Singapur_Emigration: – There is no need to unload luggage to live for immigration. Even if you have to stand in line for immigration, the immigration work is completed as soon as you give your fingerprint after scanning your passport in a digital scanning machine like a serial. No seal is required. However, when I asked him if he would give me a seal, I got an answer of “no” and left for immigration. Moine was a little annoyed, I spent so much money, there was no evidence of it. Alas, digital! As soon as you get out, there is a bus stop in front. Seeing the number of the boss, I got up again in the scheduled boss. Immigration took about 3 minutes in total. As all the passengers did not come, we had to wait for another 15 minutes.



#Malaysia_Emigration: – Immigration has many dexes. I stood in the line of a low serial. The chest was gripping a little. No, I don’t know what to answer. I started looking for all the questions and answers in my mind. In the meantime, I got a call. I went to the front, handed over the passport, and had the return ticket, hotel booking, and NOC in hand. The immigration officer wanted to see the papers in hand. Return ticket, hotel booking at a glance, and put it aside. Then I saw that NOCITA was reading with attention, so far I had memorized it. At the end of the reading, he raised his head and asked me curiously, what is your return date? I said date, then he said that one day in NOC, the date of the day? The chest trembled again. How do I explain this? Still, I took courage and said that I have been taking more than 1 day off from the office. Then he noticed and listened to me. And he said OK. All passes in diameter fort. I said to Moine Moine, this time he gave me a seal. Satyati Satyi handed over the passport to me. And in such a manner, with a smile on his face, the father, the father, the paranda was added. All fears have already vanished. However, confidence was always 100%. Now I started to see again and again whether the seal was actually killing. It’s killing! Let’s go now. Customs check-in front. I gave the luggage inside the scanning machine with so much effort but the officers didn’t even see it. I took the luggage. Dia Immigration Customs All work is completed in 5 minutes. Ah, what joy is in the air.



Never thought that everything would happen so easily. I was able to travel around the country at an extra cost of only Rs. 1,200.

#Getting down from Bus: – The bus journey was a lot of fun. There is a beautiful bridge in Zahur Baruah. I enjoyed many beauties while coming to the bus. As I was leaving in the afternoon, I encountered some traffic jams in Malaysia. Which probably took about 8 hours. It was supposed to take about 6 hours to leave in the morning. However, at the end of the long journey, the bus stopped at Berjaya Times Square. This is the last stoppage. It’s just a matter of time.

It was late at night when I took the bus to the hotel. I had to go to the hotel to study a lot. Even then I reached the hotel booked in advance through It was in the Bukit Bintang area. Rent was RM $ 55 / Night. One night I woke up the next day at another hotel. The rent there was RM $ 27.


# Dollar_Exchange: No: 1Dlr = 4.15 / 4.17 Rm.

#Returning-home – ‌Because I am alone and for the first time, I am going around as much as I can. I was in Malaysia for a total of 5 days. The most memorable of these will be the unexpected meeting with the Prime Minister of Malaysia, Mahathir Mohamad. The privilege of taking several selfies


s with him in Mosafah will be a great memory for me.

# ‌Free_bus I travel a lot on GoKL, MRT, LRT, Monorail. I am also using Grab in case of need.

#Air_Ticket: The ticket price from Malaysia to Dhaka was 6.5K. 3 days before the arrival, a familiar brother gave it to Kate.

# ‌Visa: – Visa through an approved agency for Malaysia. If all the required documents are submitted along with it, the visa becomes valid in 7 working days.

#Visas_document_needed_for_visa: –
1: Photo 35/50 mm matt paper-2 Copy
2: Visiting Card 3: Office ID Card
4: Office NOC 5: Bank solvency
6: Bank Statement-6 Month.
I gave it extra support.
The agency will tell you if you need it.
1: Visa Request Letter.
2: Salary Certificate.
3: Last Academic Certificate.
The embassy did not call me.


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