Travel to Northern Ireland.

My favorite place in the world after Sylhet is New Townards, a small town in Northern Ireland because most of my family (joint family) live in this small coastal town. My writing today is about a few places here. It takes an England visa to go here. Public transport is not very convenient here but taxi / Uber is available. There are plenty of beaches to see, there are hills, mountains and there are some eye-catching water reservoirs. There is a tower built in 1757 on the hill which can be seen from far away in the city of Ards. The Silent Valley Reservoir is a must visit when visiting Northern Ireland. Its location in the Morn Mountain is an impossibly beautiful landscape. There is a beautiful walking trail at the bottom of Morne Mountain, which joins the sea. Another place to visit next to the town of Ards is Island Hill. At low tide you can walk from one island to another. I wrote about only 2/3 of the many places to visit that I visited this time.




A city that is very clean and tidy where there is no dirt on the eyes, one should take care of the environment while traveling anywhere.


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