Travel to Rangamati in short time and cost.

We were 5 group members. I left Dhaka by a unique bus at 10 pm, the fare is 720 TK. The next day I went to the reserve market. After getting off the bus and walking for 30 seconds, I got up at Hotel Moti Mahal. Such a beautiful hotel is next to Kaptai Lake. Two rooms with non-AC 600.



I went out fresh to have breakfast. After breakfast, we go to the wharf and fix the trawler that will go around the spot all day for TK. 1,200. Bungalow Park, and more unnamed places.



At noon the trawler brings us to the mountain restaurant “Chang Pang” which is above the lake where we eat indigenous food. There were two more restaurants called Mechang, Peda Tingting but the reviews were good. From 6:30 in the morning to about 6 in the evening. Inside, you can eat mountain coconut, banana, papaya, etc.



Come to the hotel in the evening, freshen up, go to the night market and do your own shopping and see that there are many hotels in the market to eat at affordable prices. There, eat the lentil rice with the fried fish of the lake. Then we all came to the verandah of the hotel and sang songs.



After checking out at 11 am the next day, first cut the bus ticket to Dhaka, have breakfast, and go to Pari Polwell Park and Rajban Bihar. I fix CNG from the reserve market at 250 TK (up-down). After visiting the two places till the afternoon, he came to the reserve market and did not have lunch; (Although it was 5 o’clock then) We went to the market again, ate tea biscuits, and took a bus to Chirchena Dhaka in the evening.



Estimated cost:



Up-down bus fare (720 + 720) = 1240
Hotel rent 1800 ÷ 5 = 320
Trawler 1200 ÷ 5 = 240
Breakfast in the morning 60 for two days
The cost of food in the hill restaurant is 320 per person
Dinner at night 120
Lunch 110 the next day
250 ÷ 5 = 50 in CNG

A total of 2450 people. (Other costs may be more or less personal)

Please don’t pollute the environment. Get rid of dirty garbage, protect the environment.


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