Travel to Scotland and England.

Scotland and England, two countries part of the United Kingdom, the United Kingdom or the United Kingdom consists of 4 countries – England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. England is the largest in size, followed by Scotland.

The weather in Great Britain, a country in Northern Europe, is more or less cold all year round, the question is more or less cold, April-August / September is spring + summer in this country, this time the temperature is a little higher, but the special aspect of British weather is rain.





I recently visited England and Scotland for professional work. I was fascinated by the beautiful beauty of both the countries. The Scots seemed more hospitable to me than the English. I have traveled to 5 cities in total – Edinburgh, Glasgow, Manchester, Birmingham and London. I boarded a Qatar Airlines flight from Dhaka to Doha and then from Doha to Edinburgh. As soon as I landed, the freezing wind of 7 degrees Celsius greeted me. From Dhaka, usually Qatar, Emirates, Turkish and Etihad, these four airlines can fly to Britain, the cost is the lowest in Turkey and the Emirates will cost more. However, you will get the most frequent flights to Emirates and Qatar.





I am trying to write two lines about each city

Edinburgh – Scottish capital. This city is more than 800 years old. On one side is the sea and the location of the city is on a high hillock. The city has many traditional forts, a neat and tidy city

Glasgow – Located on the banks of the Clyde River, Glasgow is the largest city in Scotland. During the Industrial Revolution, 25% of the world’s ships were built in this city. The city is built on an aesthetic blend of tradition and modernity






Manchester – The city of two famous football clubs. This city in central England is famous for its Old Trafford Cricket Stadium. About 100,000 people live in this city

Birmingham – Another city in central England. About 20% of the population of this city is of Asian descent. Many Bengali people live in this city. The city’s population has been growing rapidly in recent years due to its relatively low cost of living and its moderate location in England.

London – One of the world’s megacities. Quite expensive. It can also be called a garden city. Hyde Park, Regent Park and many more park cities. Located on the banks of the River Thames, the city was once ruled by British monarchs. Some of its splendor can be seen at Buckingham Palace, Kensington Palace. Don’t forget to check out Londal Eye, River Cruise, Big Ben. But London is a huge city. The best way to get around London seems to be the Underground Rail, which they affectionately call the “Tube”.

The transportation system in Britain is quite nice. You can easily get from one place to another by train, bus or plane. There is also a 1 day / 7 days / 1 month bus / train pass system as per requirement. The big advantage is that any two big cities are 2-3 hours away from each other.

Eating in Britain is a little expensive. Although you will find subcontinental food in every city, the test is different, there is no such thing as salt.

Typing from mobile. I apologize for the spelling mistake beforehand. This is my first post in this group.

Keep an eye on the environment wherever you go. Don’t throw dirt anywhere.


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