Travel to Shah Pari Island Teknaf, Jetty Teknaf Beach, Shamlapur Beach.

Its southernmost diversity will fascinate you. Here nature is as beautiful, life is difficult to sustain.

A lonely, noiseless, and magical island, Shah Pari’s island. There is no tourist here. The last border of Bangladesh can be seen in the south from the jetty of this island. There is no hotel to stay the night. It is not safe to stay in a tent. So it takes time to leave. I can swear that if you visit the whole island, it will take you a long time to cut the magic of this island.




Teknaf JTO is deserted. Mangrove forests can be seen here. You will also see fishing with spears and nets.

Teknaf Beach is like Cox’s Bazar but there are not many people …




Shamlapur beach, a busy beach. Rows and rows are arranged on the bank of Sampan. Some are preparing to go to sea, some are setting nets, some are fixing boats, some are fishing on the shores of the river. I really wanted to stay in a tent. But not for rain. InshaAllah I will go again.







I got in the car from Chittagong at 1 am and got off at Neknaf at 8.30 am. I got down, finished breakfast, and rented a tomtom. The plan was to cover all the places with a tomtom. Since there were 15 of us, we fixed two tomtoms. You can also take CNG … Bargain. I told the driver to go to the jetty first from there to Teknaf Beach, then to Shah Tehna Island, and then to Teknaf Bazaar. I went to Teknaf Jetty. I walked around for about 30/40 minutes towards the beach. After spending 30/40 minutes on the beach, I started my journey towards Shah Pari Island. Percy to drive up to 12 km … Since then the road has been broken. Tomtom will wait here until we come back. We had to walk 1 km from here to get on the boat. There is also a speedboat. There were 15 of us so we reserved a boat. I reached Shah Pari Island by boat in 15 minutes. I swallowed the jetty of the island some distance from where the boat will land. The jetty was very beautiful, it was raining a lot so I couldn’t take any pictures ….. I looked around the beach. I started walking along the right side of the jetty and saw another beautiful beach. I saw boats lined up, launches stuck. This beach is more beautiful than Cox’s Bazar. Once the road works are completed, you can come directly by Marine Drive. We were like 1 hour. Then I went to the Neknaf market again. I went down to the market and said goodbye. Then I had lunch. There is a hotel called (Dhaka Restaurant) a 1-minute walk from Gol Chattar towards the jetty. The quality of food, the price is all good. I also had breakfast here.



After eating, I started to see Tom again to go to Shamlapur. I bargained and got up. I reached Shamlapur beach in 1 hour. I wanted to camp at Shamlapur at night but it was possible due to rain. So I spent some time in Shamlapur and started watching CNG for Cox’s Bazar. Asking for more CNG fare, I got up by increasing the mini pickup. Thus CNG is 130/140 per person from Shamlapur to Cox’s Bazar. Finally, I reached Cox’s Bazar at 9 pm. If you want, you can catch a car in Chittagong. Two of our 15 people came to Chittagong and we got in the car from Cox’s Bazar at night and in the evening.

Cost per person:

Chittagong to Teknaf = 400 / –
Breakfast = 50 / –
Rent of 2 Tom Tom, (JT + Neknaf Beach + Shahpari Island again Teknaf Bazar all together) (1100 * 2 = 2200): (2200/15) = 146
★ Boat Rent (return): (650/15) = 50 / –
Lunch = 180 / –
Teknaf to Shamlapur 2 Tom Tom Rent (800/15) = 54 / –
★ Shamlapur to Cox’s Bazar Mini Pickup Rent (1800/15) = 120 / –
Cox’s Bazar to Chittagong = 250 / –
★ Other = 150 / –

The total cost is Rs. 1401 / – per person.

I contribute to the protection of the environment without littering everywhere.


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