Travel to Singapore at low cost.

* ‌Visa: Apply for a visa through an approved agency by paying all the required documents on 7 working days for Tk 4,000.

‌ * Ticket: Buy an air ticket for TK. 15,500 3 days before the trip through a brother already known in TOB.




* Immigration: While standing in the Singapore Immigration Line, an Immigration Officer picked me up. When I handed him my passport, he asked me what was going on in the country, then I showed him my NOC, I also showed him the hotel booking. Then he said how long I will stay, then I gave the return ticket to him. When he saw it, he said, “Will you go to Malaysia?” I said yes. And are you alone? Is it your fast time to come to Singapore? At that time, he took the fingerprint on the seal of the passport and handed it over to the passport holder. I didn’t feel any Problem. All the questions were very polite.






‌ * Hotel check-in: I got out of the airport and the taxi fare was around  25, so I took a free bus from T1 to T2. Seeing the MRT direction, I got the ticket on the computer, got on the ticket at Bugis station, and walked to the hotel. My hotel was next to the Shahi Sultan Mosque. When I reached there, I had breakfast at the halal food shop in Okhain. The name of the hotel was Breeze. Rent:  101 for 3 nights.

* Travel: I have done MRT everywhere. I downloaded MRT’s apps. There is no card for 12 and a 10 recharge. A total of 22 recharge curry. That means a full Singapore trip at Rs 1,318.



* Eating: I spent most of my time at the Bengali Hotel next to the Mostafa Center. It is possible to eat for 10 dollars per day.

‌ * Ghora: Fera: 1st day Marina Bay, Marlion Park, Marina Garden, Flayer. Also, enjoy the beauty of the night. These are the main attractions in Singapore. It is not possible to explain in words.
On the 2nd day, I went to Santosa. Take a bath in the middle of all the places in Santosa. On the 3rd day, we go to see the new T5 at Little India, Chinatown, Mostafa Center, and Changi Airport. I was there from afternoon till night. Every day thousands of people come to see it. Its beauty is not to be overstated. It was inaugurated last March. Those who go to Singapore are urged not to miss it. I don’t know if there is such a beautiful airport in the world.
After finishing the trip to Singapore, I went to Malaysia.



* Cost: The trip to Singapore cost a total of TK 13,000 including ticket and visa and hotel rent.



I will write about how it will be easier to go to the spot at a lower cost in another episode in Singapore. And I will try to give any other necessary information.

* ঃBidra: Singapore is the number one cleanest city in the world. The rules here are very strict. It is a criminal offense to litter or smoke in any place. So we will use the dustbin to get rid of the dirt.


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