Travel to Srimangal, Moulvibazar, Sylhet.

Srimangal at a glance

The name of the place of travel is Srimangal
Location Moulvibazar, Sylhet
Located at the northeastern tip of Bangladesh
Area 425.15 sq km
The area of ​​the tea garden is 164.29 sq km
The total number of tea gardens is 40
Distance from Dhaka is about 200 km.





Srimangal Sights

Bangladesh Tea Research Institute.
Bangladesh Tea Board Project Implementation Unit.
40 tea gardens.
Lauyachhara National Park.
Nirmai Shivbari.
Various Khasia capitals.
Baikka Bill Sanctuary at Hail Haor.
Sitesh Babu Zoo.
Kachari house. (Adjacent to Assistant Commissioner Land Office)
Auliya Mosque
Ramesh Ram Gaur’s 6 color tea
Shyamli Tourism
Madhabpur Lake
Rubber garden
Pineapple garden
Lemon garden
Tenant Lake
Rajghat Lake
Magurchhara gas well
Drink capital
Offing Hill
Barnes Tiller Sky Fair Green Fair
The only spring in Srimangal is “Yajna Kunder Dhara”.
Denston Cemetery in Srimangal with centuries of memories
Auliya Mosque
T Resort
Arogya Kunj
Harinchhara Golf Court
Dolu Bari Tipra Palli
High and low hills
Photo: Srimangal Map






History of Mars

Here is a brief history of Srimangal:

There is no accurate information about the name of Srimangal. However, it is said that two people named Sri Das and Mangal Das first settled on the banks of Hail Haor. Srimangal is named after these two brothers.

It is also said that there was a bag of the god Mangal Chandi near the town of Srimangal. Srimangal is named after him.






Travel preparation

In 2010 I went on my first trip to Srimangal. Then Hossain Bhai (my middle brother) took Srimangal. After that he did not go to Srimangal.

The plan was to go home to the village after the end of the semester final exams. But suddenly I found an article on the internet about Srimangal travel in 1 day.

I read the article in detail. I went in 2010. Now 2019, I have forgotten a lot. However, an interest in travel arose in my mind.

At first I planned to travel alone according to my traditional rules. After a while, he talked to his friend Jabed and agreed to leave. But after a while he called and said that he could not go because his office was not on leave.

One of my younger brothers, Mohaiminul Islam, who is studying at Daffodil University, with whom I met in Comilla. He had been interested in traveling with me for a long time.







Just when I was planning to go to Srimangal, he coincidentally knocked me on Facebook and told me about the trip. I told him to go to Srimangal and he immediately agreed to go on a trip with me.

The plan is on December 31 at 12 noon. We will leave at night. Jamela cut the train ticket so the plan is to go by bus.

Day of travel

You can tell the day of the trip or the time of the trip because the trip was planned at noon and the journey started in the evening.

The time on the clock is around 3 pm. I still didn’t have lunch, I didn’t take a bath. I bought 2 tickets of ENA Paribahan from The price of the ticket was 400 but Sahaj took 443 rupees per ticket from us. F1, F2 I got 2 seats. All the front ones have already been booked.

Mohaiminul lives in Badda. He came to my house in the afternoon to prepare for the trip. I’ve already packed my backpack. Now it is the turn of bathing and eating.

Our bus will leave Mohakhali at 11:35 pm. Srimangal will arrive around 5 am.

We decided to eat out at the hotel for dinner. Since we have to eat outside and go to Mohakhali from Mirpur to get on the bus, I thought about the jam and planned to leave at around 9 pm.

Shortly before we left the house, Jabed called and said that he had managed the office and now he wanted to go with us.






I immediately opened the computer and collected another ticket from However, the concern was whether there were empty seats in our bus or if there were seats, which way it would go. Let’s face it, luckily Jabed got the G1 seat.

Srimangal Travel

I forgot to mention here that after Mohaiminul came to my house, our plan was to go to Jaflong from Srimangal through the shrines of Hazrat Shahjalal and Shahparan (R).

We have already reached Mohakhali bus stand from Jabed Naya Paltan office. We’re a little late. However, we all arrived just in time.

10:55 pm We are sitting in the waiting room for the bus. Easy has actually made the ticketing system easier. We talked about collecting tickets from the bus counter easily, he told us from the counter, you don’t need any ticket, you just have to show the message on your mobile.







Not easy?

This is the first time Jabed and Mohaiminul are going to visit Srimangal. And my 2nd time.

We are waiting for the bus at Mohakhali bus stand at 11:35 pm. A call came to my mobile. Speaking from ENA Paribahan, 3 tickets have been canceled for this number. Our bus is ready. Where are you I said, we are near the counter. Soon someone came and took us to the bus. We got on the bus. Travel by bus from Dhaka to Srimangal We took water before getting on the bus. With some dried food. But always keep one thing in mind while traveling – don’t forget to get all the washroom work done before the trip. Tanahle, your journey will not be late to be boring. Kechki said the joy of travel can be enjoyed! All the passengers got on the bus one by one. Our bus left at 11:45. Destination Srimangal. The bus is moving forward. ENA Paribahan’s buses seem to be moving a little too fast. There is not much winter in Dhaka.


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