Travel to Srinagar, Zero Bridge, Boat House, Sonmarg, Usmarg, Gulmarg, Pegalgam, Mini Switzerland, Kashmir.

On the first day, we flew one way from Chittagong to Kolkata, so the ticket price was Rs 8,900 from Regent Airways. However, we left at 2:10 and reached Kolkata at 2:35 then finished immigration and took a few dollars then went to the hotel because our flight from Kolkata to Srinagar was at 9:30 the next morning.



1. #Srinagar: As usual we left the airport again at 8 am then at 11:50 we landed in Delhi because we had a 3:05 hour transit. After that, we left Delhi for Srinagar again and reached Sultan at 5 pm and went there. I got acquainted with my brother because he has several boathouses which he rents, so I told him that we had a horse-drawn pan for our stay that day and that night and he fixed all of us for 36,000 rupees. After leaving the airport, such a beautiful environment is cold and neither hot nor hot. Anyone can fall in love with it. I also went. It is surrounded by green and high snow-capped mountains and a cool environment. And our ticket price was 16,000 rupees from Kolkata to Srinagar to Kolkata.



2. # Zbiro_bridge: A very beautiful wooden bridge, a place to get up early in the morning and go out for a walk and enjoy the afternoon environment. Many local people hang out on the bridge.




3. #Boat_house: Let’s go to the boathouse. There were 2 master bedrooms, 1 drawing, 1 dining room, 2 verandahs, where the lake can be seen.



4. #Sonmarg: The next day our driver left for Sonmarg at 9 am and we reached Sonmarg as usual. We reached there in a very pleasant environment. If we don’t go there and see the snow, then what else did we see? We decided to pay 800 rupees for a horse but remember they are much more If you want 1500/2000 you have to do a lot of bargaining and if you want to get some more beautiful spots, you can go down and take a picture.



5. #Yusmarg: There is nothing to see in this place where people go less, but there is a lot of greenery around, there is milk naked, there are some places in the cherry garden. If you have time, you can’t come back. We went to Nudh Nanga on horseback for 150 rupees and then we went around, but those who like to take pictures can take good pictures.



7. # Gulmarg: There is nothing to say about the surrounding environment to look like the picture. We fixed the horse to see the snow for 800 rupees and boot rent for 100 rupees, but let me say that the horse ride can be the ride of your life, it takes 1:30 hours, but the beautiful environment The eyes will stare.



8. #Pehelgam: The next day we went to Pegelgam. We stayed at the hotel for one night. Right next to a small lake, the mountains around seemed like a piece of heaven. Then I went fresh to eat and go for a walk.






6. # Mini_Switzerland: You have to take a horse from Pahelgam to Mini Switzerland. We bought a horse for 800 rupees for 1:30 hours. It seemed like 1:30 hours.



9. If you have time, you can visit #Apple Garden #Shalima Garden #Nishat Garden #Parimahal and #Dal Lake in one day and visit these places on the last day, then you will have fun. Will be leaving in the morning.



The 6 of us went and enjoyed our tour for 7 days and 8 nights. When I arrived, I felt so enamored that if I had a lot of money, I would have built a house there. And the use of Kashmiri people is very good and they like the people of Bangladesh very much.


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