Travel to Tangail, home of Kortia zamindar.

“More than any other school in the world, I am a student of everyone
New things in many ways, learning day and night ”



There is no fixed place for education, there is no fixed time. There is no measure of expansion of education, there are no fixed rules. Maybe that is what the poet Sunirmal Basu wanted to explain to us in his poems. New place means learning something new, new experience and taste of something new. And if someone takes it as his hobby, and comes out happy looking for something new, then there is no point …. !!!



So this time I pushed the experience of a new zamindar house in the travel basket … !!!
“Kortia Zamindar Bari”, Tangail.
So start the journey of story ……. !!!!




Travel details: From Mohakhali bus stand in Dhaka on a specific day by “Nirala” transport to Tangail’s Cortier bypass. The fare is 160 TK per person. From there I reach the gate of the zamindar’s house by rickshaw. Anyway, when I entered, everything was fine, and in an instant, the stars of my eyes were fixed on one of them. Going closer, I was really surprised,, Hot A Beauty, Its Amazing … !!!
Hmmm, this is the house of Kortia zamindar. The zamindar house built with a mixture of Mughal and Chinese architecture is spreading its beauty. The house is 1 km long and 0.5 km wide. !



The zamindar’s house has an iron house, the queen’s pond ghat, Rokeya Mahal, Taraf Dawood Hall, a mosque, etc.



“You go, brother, go with me
Our little guy
The leaves of the vine in the shade of the tree
Sad forest

Poet Jasimuddin’s poem came out of the zamindar’s house thinking of it. I love my favorite homeland, I love the people of the country ….. !!!


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