Travel to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

For the last few months, I have been thinking of returning from a city in India with my wife and son as their visas were coming to an end. So after much thought, I finally decided to go to Andaman. I have always loved the sea so I decided on the Andaman Islands. The Andaman and Nicobar Islands have about 562 islands, of which only 36 are inhabited. There are no permanent ones in the rest. Port Blair is the capital of the main island. Port Blair also has an international airport. Anyway, about a month before I left, I booked an air ticket and booked a room at a resort with We go on the 7th of July and come back to the country on the 12th of July after seeing various places of interest. Since I had a one-year-old son with me, I could not see many interesting places despite my desire. But in the future, I want to go again with my friends.



Now let’s talk about Port Blair. In a word, this is a beautiful island. These islands are a wonderful creation of Allah Ta’ala. All the islands are covered with green forests and there is a blue sea with it. When you see the beach, you will think that it is a familiar beach seen in Hollywood or Bollywood. One is more beautiful than the other. On top of that, the islands are impossibly clean. Don’t see so much rubbish anywhere. However, it is surprising that about seventy-five percent of the people in Port Blair speak Bengali. Most of them came from Calcutta and have settled here permanently. So when you go there, you don’t have to worry about language at all. The most famous of these islands is Havelock Island. The island’s Radhanagar beach is said to be the most beautiful beach in Asia. Havelock Island is accessible by ferry. About two hours away. If you visit the Andamans, don’t forget to spend at least one night at Havelock Island. Many movies are also shot in Havelock and Nile Island. Of course, I didn’t go to these two islands because my son is too young and he can’t take the risk of running so much. But if you go, you must visit these two islands. Next to Port Blair are Ross Island and North Bay Island, where you can take a day off from these two islands. There you can do activities like snorkeling, scuba diving, etc. If you want to see all the wonderful corals and colorful fish on the beach, there is no pair of these activities. On Ross Island, you will see a lot of architecture left by the Japanese in this area. The good news is that the Cellular Jail must one day return to Port Blair. As many of you may know, during the anti-British movement, many political prisoners from India were sent to a place called “Kalapani” to be punished. This cellular gel is that “black water”. Where many people in our country have been imprisoned and subjected to the brutality of the English. Many freedom-loving people of our country were hanged there. You can see the names of these martyrs inside the cellular jail. There is an hour-long program called Light and Sound every evening at this cellular prison. At this event, you will learn all the history of this island and this prison. The first two shows are in Hindi and the last is in English.




In Port Blair, you will find several museums to visit such as Ethnographic Museum, Science Museum, Marine Museum, Marine Life Museum, etc. Visit Baratang, the aboriginal abode of the Andamans, all day long, and see the beautiful Limestone Cave. And one day you can go to Chiriyatapu for the whole day. There you will find a collection of animals from the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, as well as an amazingly beautiful beach. All in all, I think you can go out in at least 7-8 days to visit this paradise.



Now let’s talk about food, there are many hotels to eat. If you want to eat Bengali, you can go to Adi Bengali Restaurant and if you want to try vegetarian, go to Annapurna Restaurant. However, I was disappointed to eat seafood there. It seemed to me that the seafood cooking style there was not exactly like our Cox’s Bazar or St. Martin’s. Good thing Andaman and Nicobar’s dab but don’t forget to eat. The dab there is very tasty. You will find dabs of three colors there: orange, yellow and green.



The weather in the Andamans is very strange, with similar weather throughout the year. There is no cold time. The weather is a lot like autumn in our country. Temperatures range from 28-34 degrees Celsius. The rain can hit at any time and it can go away in a hurry. The tourist season there is from September to April. It is better not to go to Andaman during the tourist season because then millions of people come here to visit these islands, so the price of everything is skyrocketing. Even ferry tickets to Havelock and during the tourist season you have to cut back 3 months in advance. So I would say of course to go in the offseason. At least the hotel will get you at a lower price. In the offseason, you can get a good hotel for between Rs 2,000 and Rs 4,000. And don’t forget to book online, they will charge you the season’s rate. Like I was at Peerless Resort and they charge me Rs 6,000 per night. But if I had booked online and gone straight to the hotel, I would have had to pay Rs 4,000 per night. So my suggestion would be to get down at the airport and rent an auto or car and tell the driver to take you to some good hotel (of course tell your budget).


You will be taken to different hotels. There you can get the price. I was there for 7 days and a few days ago a Bengali auto driver named Basudev turned me around. He was a very friendly and amiable man. Anyone can contact him before leaving. He will manage everything. His number is: +91 993321 617. You can call him and say my name. One important thing is that there is no good internet anywhere in Andaman. You will even find hotels and the internet just in name. It will take two hours to post a picture on Facebook with speed. So take the human preparation that you have to go there without the internet.

The good news for those who ride bikes and scooters in our country is that you can rent scooters and bikes there using a Bangladeshi driving license. However, I do not know the rental rate.



So if you want to return from Andaman, get an Indian tourist visa now and book your flight ticket at least 2 months before departure. In this, you will get some cheap tickets. I bought tickets for my wife and son (1 year old) a month ago and the price of our return ticket is Rs 48,000 later. Make sure you endorse the dollar in your passport because credit cards do not work in many places (due to internet problems). It is better to have enough cash in hand. If you take a credit card, just take a Visa or a MasterCard because the American Express card is not accepted anywhere in the whole island. Use HDFC Bank’s ATM booth to withdraw cash from credit cards.

I can’t actually write neatly. So if you make a mistake, you will see forgiveness in a beautiful way. If there is any information outside of this, you must knock me, if I know, I will definitely let you know. Lastly, do not do anything that harms the environment while traveling. Thanks. (Some pictures are attached from the internet)


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