Travel to the Andamans in a calm, soothing environment.

I got up in the morning and went to the beach to watch the sunrise. The boy and his father could not be picked up so I went alone. Sunrise at 5.40. Quiet, soothing environment.
Strange! Slowly he is rising to the eastern horizon. The sky is red. But alas! Couldn’t look good because of the clouds. Still wonderful beauty! I soaked my feet in water for a while and walked around. It is forbidden to pick oysters in the Andamans. Otherwise, I would have picked them up. Small snails are walking in the sand. After a while, the boy and the father came. The two of us walked side by side for a while. The time seemed to be fixed. Only 6 o’clock. An interesting thing in the Andamans is that the day starts very early. At 7/8 it seems to be 11 o’clock. The sun rises very hot. The night is also very early. It is dark after 8 o’clock. And it is a very safe place. There is no fear of theft, robbery or anything else.






I ordered luchi vegetables from the tea shop in front of the resort at 7.30 am. They have a restaurant and will come from there. There was a vegetarian restaurant nearby, but it did not open. Our car will come again at 8 am to go around all day.
12 luchi, two vegetables. 300 rupees.
The car came to fix the driver of the previous day. 1300 rupees all day. Very comfortable car. And 7/8 people can sit.
Went to Kalapathar beach. It seemed like 15 minutes.
Very beautiful. Sky – blue water. There are big stones, so this name. There was a lot of sun. But there is a system to sit in the shade. They have a nice system to sit on the beach. There is a room to change clothes, there is a toilet.
There was not much time because we have to go to Elephant Beach. No more boats go after 11 o’clock. We have to come back in 2/3 hours. We went to the jetty. Tickets were bought there for 950 rupees. It takes 20 minutes to go. I ate dab before leaving (Rs. 50). But wherever I ate dab, it was the sweetest water in the Andamans.






At first I thought what to do in 3 hours at Elephant Beach! Go and see what a strange oops! What a strange thing! I saw sand beach, I also saw Thailand. Such a beautiful beach in India! I still don’t know there is no end to beauty.
Anyway, there are water sports on this beach. I skied jet. Terrible fun. I thought I would fall in the waves now. 800 rupees.






Complementary snorkeling is done through a pipe. We took the mask with extra 200 rupees. It can be breathed. I did snorkeling for the first time in my life. Didn’t fear in Thailand. My son did it without any fear.
I didn’t do the other things. So I can’t say the price. I think the price is a little lower in Nildwip. There is also a discount.
Anyway, seeing the water like transparent glass, my head nodded. I spent 2 hours in the water. There are different arrangements for boys / girls to change their clothes. However, this is the problem when 2/3 people change their clothes together in one room.
I ate fruit chart. 100 rupees plate!
I wanted to burn well, 50 rupees! I see it later!
It seemed to stay longer. So beautiful. Especially the beauty of the place has been such that big trees have been uprooted. There is no way to miss this beach.






He came back to the jetty at 1.30 pm. We couldn’t get the ticket for the next day’s blue. The government wanted 600 for the ferry. He wasn’t even sure if we could get it. He was saying 1000-1100 for the Green Ocean ticket. Thali, veg thali. 160/150 seems to be taken.

Later we went to the beach and became restless. Blue sea, big waves. Everyone is dabbling in the water. It has similarities with Karon Beach in Thailand. There is also a locker, there is a change room. The change room is far inside the forest. At first I did not understand what to do! Later I saw many people leaving everything in the beach and going down to the sea. I left everything in my forehead and went down to the beach. Mobile, about 1 lakh rupees remained on the beach.

It went on for 2 hours, playing with the sea. The boy did not even get up after eating a few times. After a while, I saw his legs getting tense. What else to do I got up. They were a little more.
Later I saw a wonderful sunset. Radhanagar is famous for its sunset. It is really beautiful. You can’t stay here after evening. In fact, what I understand is that you can only stay in the evening between Govindnagar and Vijayanagar. So it is better to take a hotel there. And December-April season. At this time the hotel price is three times different. Aslam back to the hotel. Tickets have not yet. Tension! The groom is not angry but I understand that he is keeping it down. According to him, he should have cut the ticket of the private ferry without so much trouble! Later the agent said that he will try to go to the jetty at 6.30 am the next day. At night I went to sleep on the beach next to the hotel. Havel last night.
Bidra: Beautiful is not only to enjoy but also to take care of. So do not go around or throw dirt anywhere.


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