Travel to the land of supernatural beauty Nafakhum.

God has made the world so beautiful that it is understood that ideas can be found through travel. Travel is one of the things through which God’s creation is manifested. And seeing this unearthly beauty, we close our eyes and become refreshed which brings new vigor to the weary life on our way. That is why we went out to see the might of God in the depths of Bandarban with 30 members. First, we reached Bandarban by dolphin bus from Dhaka at 11 pm and at 8 am. Then I reserve 2 moon cars for 2 nights and 3 days. First, we went to Thanchi in Chander’s car.




On the way to Thanchi, on the way to Akabaka in the mountains, it is a thrilling experience that cannot be explained. On the way to Sailprapat, Chimbuk hill Dim hill. He did not register his name in the army camp on the way. Then after entering the name in Thanchi and having lunch, we started the boat journey for the purpose of remake. The experience of going to Remakri by boat is another new strange feeling of well-being. I would not have understood so much if there was no beauty in Nafakhum. There are so many beautiful places in our country! Rajapathar, Barapathar in the middle of the road after innumerable small stones. It is eye-catching to see the big hills on both sides of the Sangu river. We reached Remakri in the late afternoon when the evening was over.



After the evening in the cottage, there is a chat song story. Then rest for dinner. The next morning comes that Mahendrakshan Nafakhum trekking journey. After trekking for about two and a half hours and reaching the Nafakhum waterfall, all the fatigue was gone in an instant. Everyone is engrossed in the feeling of feeling new. After walking for about an hour and a half in the fountain of Nafakhum, Aslam returned to Remakri. Then after lunch, we set off again for Thanchi. On his return, nature seemed to match his beauty more beautifully. The more I see, the more I am fascinated by this vast mountain. I came to Remakri and stayed at Thanchi cottage at night. There was a chat song at night. The next day, as usual, it was time to return in the moon car.





I spent some time in Nilgiris on the way. The most interesting thing is that on the way back from Nilgiris we see clouds all over the road. If the luck is auspicious, such a time is available. The mountain Akabaka road is running through the clouds on it. What could be better than our moon car ?? I spent the afternoon in Nilachal. Then I reached Bandarban town again from Nilachal and it was evening. After having dinner at Hotel Tajingdong, our bus left for Dhaka at around 9 pm.

Note: No one will throw garbage while traveling. And the packets of chips, the packets of biscuits will be collected together and will be thrown in the designated place. If you want to leave a habitable world for the next generation, you have to refrain from littering everywhere.


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