Travel to Tripura with its amazing beauty.

The day before, I came to Tripura by train from Silchar, Assam, on a fascinating journey. The mountains, the forests, the jhiri, the darkness of the tunnels, the colorful stations covered with forests, filled my heart. I woke up very early the next day and went to Agartala border. The goal is to reach Dhaka by train or bus as soon as possible and catch the office. When I was on my way to Akhaura station, 5 km away from Agartala border after completing the formalities, I was in a better mood than before and when I came back in an auto-rickshaw, I saw the crazy green waves on both sides.



What is strange is our rural nature which can only be realized if we can not only see but also feel. I am running from Agartala to Akhaura on a shiny road with fine pitch. Rows of small and medium trees on either side of the path, the magical call of the dense green paddy field touching the blue sky at the end of the path, two houses in the distance, I want to fly in the breeze somewhere far away with the wind. Once I stopped the auto and went down for a few minutes. To touch the green grass with bare feet, to smell the soil, to touch the intoxication of the rice plant, to feel happiness.




What was strange was that time. I was sitting in the middle of a green tree, under the shade of a medium tree, surrounded only by green waves, paddy fields, small houses in unknown villages, fresh breeze, clear blue sky of autumn, a couple of white clouds. I didn’t want to leave all this and come up. But as I had to catch the train, I had to get up and sit in the auto-rickshaw again. We reached Akhaura station in 15 minutes. Then it was half-past eight in the morning. There is a train coming at 9:15. Will go towards Dhaka. As I have some time in my hand, I had breakfast at a hotel near the auction station.

Then I came to the station. One of my favorite places along the railway station is whatever it is. I thought I had never been to this station before, so let’s take a look around. So I started to walk around the station and as soon as I went to buy a ticket, I started to face new experiences, which is why this writing is incarnated.

That is, there were no tickets from where the ticket was issued, just like getting a seat. But at the station, there are all kinds of tickets for all kinds of people including liquor stores, confectionery, shoemaker, tea seller. Double the price! Not only the ticket for that station, but they also have the ticket for other stations before and after!



Nice arrangement, and it’s up to the station master to get the tickets involved! Because they are also sending references to different shops as soon as the familiar passengers arrive. Not only surprised, but I was also stunned to see the management! And what else can I say about the cleanliness of the station? The more I say, the less I will say. There was a lot of rubbish all over the station. Everyone is throwing away whatever they want. But I have hardly seen uneducated people walking around the whole station. The softness of the morning made my mind go bad in an instant.



Anyway, the train arrived 15 minutes late. After waiting another 10 minutes, the train left. Pushing the crowd, he went to his seat and the bad mood went away a bit. Because I got a seat near the window of the small train. Because the train and the window seat have been my favorite places since I was a teenager. If you can travel by train to a place where some great moments are available. Clear green vegetation on both sides, vast expanses of paddy fields, small and large ponds, rivers, bridges, various stations, various types of passengers, hawkers, expressions of different people, some of them can be known by various names.



Ever since I left the train, I have been looking at the pure nature of rural green with fascinated eyes. The eye-catching green, as it is called, was full of life all the way to the train. Narrow railroads, medium stations, and strange expressions of various people. Everything looked good, I was looking outside playing my favorite song in full volume on-ear headphones. But after a while, I started to get upset. Whenever the train stopped at any station. Nah, not to stop the train. Seeing the conduct of the passengers inside the station and the train.



The rest of what he eats is thrown on the floor of the train, no one puts it down under the seat. And the stations, as if they have already been washed away, think that they are throwing away whatever is thrown there. Banana peels, packets of chips, cigarettes, drink picks, chocolate peels, everything everyone needs to throw away.



In the end, I took out a piece of chocolate to show to someone and put the packet of chocolates in my pocket after showing it to him, in the hope that if he gets a little embarrassed or learns by watching! But I feel relieved by pouring water on that hope. After a while, the banana was peeled and thrown on top of the station!



Seeing this, I wanted to slap myself, not him! Since I couldn’t do that, I said to myself in my mind, who told you to fill the chocolate shell in your pocket by showing people to make you aware?



After that, I did not look at any other station. Whenever I came to the station I closed my eyes and focused on the song. And after leaving the train, I opened my eyes and stared at the green trees, the rolling paddy fields, the well-watered ponds, ponds, rivers, beels, lakes, white, pink, and red water lilies, sometimes white. Cough from looking at the flowers.


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