Traveling to Nagaland is an excellent option for tourism lovers.

Traveling to Nagaland for peace and serenity can be an excellent option for tourism lovers. Nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas, Nagaland is one of the most beautiful states in northeastern India. Nagaland Tourism invites tourists for a wonderful tour across various tourist destinations.

The culture of Nagaland is a combination of legend and history. Tourists in Nagaland can get a glimpse of the ethnic culture of the Indian Naga community. Nagaland is located between 25 degrees 06 minutes to 26 degrees 04 minutes north latitude and 93 degrees 20 minutes to 95 degrees 15 minutes east longitude. Covered by an area of ​​16.526 sq km, Nagaland is blessed with a healthy climate. The beautiful climate of Nagaland contributes immensely to the tourism of Nagaland.





In this context, a special mention of some important destinations is given: –

1. Shanganyu village.
2. Kohima village.
3. World War II cemetery.
4. Japfu peak.

Nagaland is also connected to important cities of India by an improved road system. In addition to road connectivity, Nagaland has an excellent connection of air and rail. Nagaland has its own airport at Dimapur which is regularly connected to various destinations in India and other parts of the world by regular flights. Also the railway station of Nagaland is located at Dimapur. The railway between Dimapur is connected to Guwahati which is connected to all the major cities of India.






How to reach Nagaland:
Tourists who want to come to Galland are very worried about how to get here. However, it is worth mentioning that Nagaland is connected by an excellent means of transport. Although Nagaland is located in the foothills of the Himalayas, traveling to Nagaland is as easy as traveling in the plains.





In fact, Nagaland’s airways, railways and roads are well known for providing an unparalleled service to the region. Nagaland tourism has a good and improved road communication facility. Nagaland has its own airport at Dimapur, about 64 km from Kohima. Dimapur Airport is connected by regular flights to various destinations in India and other parts of the world. Indian Airlines provides services in the region. Indian Airlines operates daily flights from Kolkata to Kohima. Also the railway station of Nagaland is located at Dimapur. Nagaland falls under the north-eastern border of Indian Railways. Tourists wishing to travel to Guwahati can avail daily train services from Dimapur. The most popular train service operated within the state borders of Nagaland is Shatabdi Express which solves the problem of reaching Nagaland.





Nagaland also has a wide road connection. Nagaland State Transport from Dimapur is one of the most popular bus services in Nagaland. Blue Hills and Volvo buses are some of the major bus services operating in Nagaland. In addition to these buses, there are other means of road transport – mini coaches and taxis, which help travelers to reach various destinations in Nagaland.

Places to visit in Nagaland:
The attractions of Nagaland are well known for its extraordinary natural beauty. Most of the tourist attractions of Nagaland bear the ruins of rich cultural heritage and the traditional heritage of that place. The ideal time to visit the northeastern state of Nagaland is from October to May. The Khonoma Gate in Nagaland reflects the fearless nature of the indigenous inhabitants of this village, who built this huge gate to protect themselves from British invaders. With its natural richness, Khonoma Gate attracts various tourists from far and wide.

The Zhukau Valley provides an excellent opportunity for tourists to experience the grace of nature. Located at an altitude of 2438.4 meters, the Jukou Valley offers a spectacular view of Nagaland.

Japfu Peak is an ideal destination for scaling and trekking the steep slopes of the high mountains of this region. The city of Tuli in Nagaland is well known for its unique natural richness. Located in the Mokkachang district of the northeastern state of India, the serene surroundings of the town of Tuli rejuvenate the minds of visitors with their peace and freshness.

Naganimora provides tourists with an opportunity to explore their innate sports stimuli and sportsmanship through various thrilling sports in the region. Blessed with natural beauty, Naganimora attracts a variety of tourists who are thrilled by the scenic beauty.

Changtangya and Meluri are prominent tourist destinations in Nagaland which are endowed with rich natural richness. Tourist places in Nagaland are easily accessible from all parts of the state by well-constructed roads.


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