Traveling to Sirajganj, the gateway to North Bengal, is a sight to behold.

The China Dam is located in Sirajganj district, the gateway to North Bengal, which is known to the world for its weaving industry. Built on the banks of the river Jamuna, this dam has become a place of interest for people who are thirsty to travel here and far. The dam was built on the banks of the river Jamuna, just 1 km from the district town of Sirajganj. The dam was built up to 2 km deep from the main dam of the river. Going deep into the river, the beautiful scenery on both its banks has made it popular among all. Horizons on both sides of the river and the sky above, you can enjoy such a view sitting in the middle of the dam here. Tourists are also touched by the calm breeze blowing across the river. This is like an amazing game of nature. If you want, you can also go around the Jamuna by boat. Pitch paved road has been constructed on the embankment. As there is such a road, you can reach the end of the dam by any vehicle. There is no water around the village, the breeze and the quiet environment enchants everyone. So in the morning and in the afternoon, the crowd of tourists stays here. This China Dam in Sirajganj is also known as Crossbar 3. How to get there: Dhaka Line Transport, Avi Classic, Star Lit Transport buses are available to go to Sirajganj. AC bus fare is 350 rupees and non AC bus fare is 250 rupees. There are bus counters at Mirpur 2, Technical, Savar, Malibagh, Abdullahpur. You can easily reach China Dam in 10 minutes by getting down in Sirajganj city by autorickshaw. You can also go by train. Take the train to Kaddar junction and from there take CNG to the market station. From there you can reach China Dam in 5-6 minutes by rickshaw.


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