Travelogue of Dhaka-Bandarban.

As much as I have had the opportunity to see Bandarban, I firmly believe that only the Creator knows exactly how many tourist spots there are in Bandarban. It is a very simple belief and a very normal thing.

Bandarban, the hill country of Bangladesh or the green land of natural beauty. No matter what adjectives we specialize in, it will never be justified. In my eyes, Bandarban is naturally the most beautiful land of evergreen Bengal. All in all, I have had the opportunity to visit Bandarban three times. The first time in winter, the next time during the full monsoon season and the last time before the monsoon.



Winter Bandarban is like the cover of a shy woman wrapped in a sheet of fog or much more beautiful than that. The Bandarban eternal youth of the rainy season which never erodes in old age is so wonderful. But one last thing, Bandarban is beautiful and it is probably all year round.



Feel free to touch Meghmalla’s team when you are hit by a torrential downpour. I have to go to Bandarban.

The presence of lush greenery in the hills, as well as the diverse lifestyles and culture of 11 small groups of different languages ​​- have undoubtedly filled Bandarban. In my white eyes, this is the most beautiful advertisement in Bandarban – all the amazing waterfalls in the vast mountain kingdom, the wonderful mountain rapids, the lazy wanderings of the Meghmalla group, and the diverse culture of the tribes.



Tourist Centers in Bandarban:
I have seen:
● Sapphire
Cloudy tourist center
● Golden Temple
● Milnachhari
● Chimbuk
● Eucalyptus
● Large stones
● Nafakhum Falls

Not seen (but wanted):
● Marginal Lake
● Boga Lake
● Kiokradong
● Tinap swimming
● Amiyakhum

Wherever you go, the most important thing is the safety of your life. Therefore, no life should be lost in our slightest contempt and unconsciousness. Life is one, if you survive you can travel thousands of places thousands of times. But once you leave, there is no chance of coming back. So the request is not to be overly enthusiastic about risking one’s life. It is the moral responsibility of all of us to protect nature in the interest of development of tourism industry. So on request, remove any kind of polythene, plastic, or any waste in the right place. Keep small bags with you if not in place. Yet nature and the environment should be protected.


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