Turant on the way to Nafakhum.

Nafakhum is one of the many beautiful waterfalls in Bangladesh. Every human being should go for a while to enjoy this heavenly beauty of Nafakum, this thrilling experience of the journey, to accept the fear. We are going to travel Pipasura again inshallah.



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The date of our departure is 26th September at 10:00 pm.
The return date is September 29 at 6:30 am.
Travel cost: TK. 5250 per person.
Total number of seats: 24

Everything we will see in this tour
1. Large rocks
2. King Stone
3. Tindu
4. Remakri Falls
5. Nafakum Falls

Travel details:
September 27: Departure for Bandarban starts from the bus counter at 10 pm.



September 26: I will reach Bandarban in the morning and eat fresh breakfast. Then start the journey to Thanchi by moon car or bus. Arriving at Thanchi, I will finish the name entry episode at the police station and BGB. Have lunch at BGB canteen. Then we will start the journey by boat to Remakhri which will be a memorable event for your life. There are mountains on both sides and you are going by boat in the middle of that mountain. On the way to the boat, we will see big stones, king stones, and pause for a while in Tindu. I will take a break from Tindu to Remakhri Falls again. Then we will start for the purpose of Nafakum. Nafakum will be a blessing for you when you get tired after 2 – 2 ঃ 30 hours of trekking, which you will be stunned for a while, which you will be staring at. I hope you will not be disappointed to see the beauty for whom you have been suffering so much. I will take pictures of myself and some group pictures. On this day we will spend the night next to Nafakhum.

September 26: After spending some time in Nafakhum in the morning, we will come back to Remakhri again. Remakhri will have lunch and start the journey to Thanchi again. I will start the journey from Thanchi to Bandarban by adding Chad’s car. I will start my journey to Dhaka by bus at night.

September 29: In sha Allah I will be in Dhaka by 8 am.

Whatever is in it
1. Dhaka-Bandarban – Dhaka (Non-AC Bus Tickets)
2. The cost of 3 meals per day from the morning of 26th September to the night of 26th September.
3. The cost of Chad’s car.
4. The cost of the boat.
5. All types of guide costs.
. Cottage costs.

What you will not get
1. No personal costs.
2. No food at the bus stop on the way
2. The cost of medicine.

Things to take:
# Must have a photocopy of National Identity Card or Passport or Student ID.
1) Light backpack.
2) Light cloth suitable for 3/4 days.
3) Lungi, towel.
4) Sunglasses, cap
5) Camera (must take pictures)
6) Polythene .. (Mobile, camera to protect from rain)
6) Light meals (chocolate, biscuits, mango, dates, nuts, saline, noodles, coffee, soup)
6) Torch and lighter
10) Water bottle
11) Steel mugs and spoons
12 toothpaste, brush
13) Lightweight shoes or sandals suitable for trekking
14) Anglet, non-guard
15) Doxicap Capsule
16) Toilet tissue

Rules to confirm:
* We have to confirm by 12th September.
* If you pay for development, you have to pay 2040 rupees. Development Account Number – 01711062948 (Personal)
* If you make a payment to any bank, you do not have to pay extra money. Citi Bank, BRAC Bank, Standard Bank, Dutch-Bangla Bank – these banks have to pay money.
* No booking will be kept without money payment.



Everything to keep in mind before traveling
– Must have a travel thirsty mind first.
– Very light bag packing. If the bag is heavy, go on tour and eat para. And you have to carry your own bag. If the bag is carried by the porter, you will have to bear the separate charge of the porter.
– It is strictly forbidden to throw dirt, dry food packets, plastic bottles/jars, banana peels, etc. Each place is our own, so it is our responsibility to protect its beauty. We are committed to keeping our nature healthy.
– Any problem while traveling should be solved by discussing it yourself.
– We all need to do our best to manage the trip beautifully.
– We will enjoy the highest pleasure out of modesty.
– The decision may change at any time depending on the situation, which we will all agree on.
– The locals cannot be mistreated in any way. If you need to talk to someone new, you need the help of a trip host.
– No drugs of any kind can be taken or carried with you. If found, he or she may be expelled from the trip immediately, in agreement with everyone else in the group.
– You have to accept the team leader’s own needs.
– Take a life jacket.
– Bus seats will be distributed on the basis of an advance payment. In other words, the one who pays first will get priority.
– We have to share in the tribal house. There will be separate rooms for girls.



** This group is full of travelers. There is no scope for any kind of obscenity here. It doesn’t take us long to figure out if someone is traveling with us for some nefarious purpose. And we will take action accordingly.

** Anyone of us for travel Can contact.
Boys/girls can all go but must read the whole thing and confirm their abilities.

Cancel policy for our tour
*** Booking Money is totally non-refundable. Because bus tickets, hotel resorts, local transport, guides are all advanced on your booking money.
*** If someone can’t go, he has to manage his replacement. The group will definitely try to make an extra payment if his replacement is managed.
*** In case of cancellation of the tour due to natural calamity or bad weather, any cost or return from the tour booking money will be refunded.


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