Twilight evening on Sky Walk.

At the end of the step, I rushed through the entrance of Pelling’s Sky Walk. I am the last person to enter at exactly 5 o’clock. However, a large, colorful building with a huge gate and a stepping-stone staircase ascend to a wide, flat roof-like space built on a hill. It would not be wrong to call it a huge courtyard or yard in the mountains. There are many kinds of people in that spacious yard. Some are taking pictures in different poses, some are walking and everyone is talking together and I have seen many people paying attention to some elements like brass religious wheels.


That’s where the eyes first went, with which the transparent glass walkway was entered as soon as you took off your shoes through the small gate. Which has almost stopped by then? There is a rope hanging in front. As there was no one, I went over the rope. Wow, the cold environment at the top of the hill became even cooler and I started to feel it under my feet. There is a transparent glass waist-like wall on both sides and a 5 to 6 feet wide glass path under the feet, making this glass walkway on top of the hill like steel wheels. It is a thrilling feeling in my mind to look down, so I usually walk from one end to the other without looking down.


Very quickly I walked from one end to the other and two small glass lanes, lest the time be over, but the regret was a little less. I kept it in my mind, I will slowly return and take pictures when I come back from the last head. There will be some more time. I still didn’t look at the glass on either side of the path or I didn’t get that time. Only to give full attention to the glass skywalk.


At the very top of the hill, this winding glass path thrilled the last afternoon and dusk before sunset. When I came to the middle of the walkway to take pictures while walking slowly, my eyes went to the top of another hill, where there is a huge Buddhist statue touching the sky! Which did not catch my eye for about 10 minutes? I thought I understood this and called to go down. I was taking pictures with such fear. And then a newlywed (most likely) couple came down that glass hill to take part in their special photo session with the camera, crew, drone. Which gave me the opportunity to stay there for a while longer.

No matter where you look from the glass hill bridge on all four sides, only the hills and rows of hills will catch your eye. The dazzling beauty of the small, large, medium variety of mountains will fascinate even if you are not a mountain lover. Luckily, the fortunes were somewhat favorable, but the whole pelling was not very fortunate, as the clouds and fog were still raging. Otherwise, if the sky was clear, I could enjoy the unearthly view of the entire Kanchenjunga and the snow-capped peaks of Hilamaya.

At the top of such a mountain, so safe and aesthetic, as well as standing on a magnificent glass bridge, sitting or lying down, there is a chance to see the wonderful view of the Himalayas at dusk. Because everyone was staring at it one after the other with deep attention, a drop of the eternal beauty of the unearthly Himalayas could be peeked away by the clouds, which will enchant everyone present there. But no, no one wanted to move a little because the density of the clouds and the haze of the thick fog were quite hard. So there was no chance to see the Himalayas from Skywalk. Which was a little regret?


But even after that, I was able to go here, walk, sit, and enjoy myself for quite some time, that was nothing short of that last afternoon. I took the opportunity to take a picture of the couple and rolled a little on the glass path, on the top of the hill, with a little fear and quite a bit of excitement. I also took some pictures at their request. I sat quietly until he called, thinking that I had suffered so much because I could go down even if it was dark at night, even if there was some risk. Just then I saw that the Spanish who had not brushed their teeth in the morning also came there.


We were both very excited to see the two of them. Because he is alone and so am I. Probably both of them were thinking in their minds that on the way, they were relieved from the long and one and a half kilometer path of hilly forest and some of the hardships of crossing alone. Because it’s not that I didn’t really wake up a little scared. You have to trek down the hilly path of that steep forest alone. That would have been a bit unsettling, of course. We crossed a village in a creepy way in the light of that day, sometimes it got dark, so there is no doubt that it will get darker in the evening. There was no moon in the sky, no stars or lights on the back.


Eventually a little more time, at dusk, as the evening descended, a different kind of obsession was created across the glittering glass bridge to the glittering glass bridge across Pelling’s Skywalk. So I spent as much time there as there were different people and seeing their various madness. Because I know I will be able to spend my leisure time back in the room. So even if it is a little night, there is no harm, anyway, I can find a partner to go with, in the darkness of the thrilling mountain forest.


Please don’t let anyone pollute nature.


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