Two zamindar houses in one day.

1. Pakutia Zamindarbari (Three Floors)
2. Baliati zamindarbari

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From Gabtali you can go to Pakutia on ‘S-B-Link’. The rent is 90 rupees per person. As soon as you get off the bus, you will see the zamindar’s house.

Here you will see three palaces on the same design. All three installations are beautiful. You will not be disliked.

Each palace has its own beauty. The wonderful craftsmanship of the herbs will fascinate you. Along the middle of each house, two beautiful female statues adorned with ornaments of plants and flowers as crowns, along with a peacock greet the guest. On the cornice are numerous beautiful small statues of women standing in different poses. All the three installations are beautifully decorated. You will also see the Nat Temple, a huge field and a two-storey dance hall.





There is a huge pond called ‘Upendra Sarobar’ in this upazila which is locally known as ‘Baro Ghatla Pond’. (It will take a little more time and cost to go here. You can go if you have time.)

Although Pakutia is in Tangail, I did not find the famous spoon of nearby Tangail. However, you will find all kinds of sweets that are fresh and you will also see the process of making some.

Seeing Pakutia, he went to Baliati. You can go by bus or CNG from Pakutia. The rent will be 15/30 TK. (Has taken 40 TK from us for Eid)





Baliati is not a zamindar house but a palace. Its beauty cannot be described in writing. There are four palaces and their inner court. There are four gateways to enter the palace. Huge pond in front and behind the palace. A museum has been set up in a palace called ‘Rang Mahal’. There are various items used by the zamindars. There are many mirrors used by the zamindars. You can see yourself in the mirror of zamindars
Behind the palace, the inner palace is a beautiful pond.

Come see Saturia (van / CNG rental 20/15). From Saturia to Dhaka on SB Link (fare 65).






Travel: The total cost will be 200/220 TK. (Gabtali-Pakutia-Saturia-Gabtali) The rest is your personal expense.

Khawadawa: There are small food hotels in Pakutia and Baliati. You will find good quality food hotels in Sarutia.

It’s a one-day tour. If you get on the bus at 6/7 in the morning, you will be able to come back at 8/7 at night. (If you leave on time)




Pakutia is always open. Being used as a home college. The other two are also being used. So if you go to the offday, you will be able to walk well.

And Baliati is closed on Sunday. Open half-day on Monday. (Off public holidays)

Bikes can be taken. (Road is not too bad) 6

There are no zamindars in the zamindar house now so there are no elephants or horses. No one should expect to see elephants and horses

All in all, you can come back very well for 500 TK. If you want, you can also do it with 300/400 TK.

Great place to take pictures


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