Uttar Khan Termukh Bridge area.

The Termukh Bridge area of ​​Uttarakhand may be a good place to spend a nice afternoon in the afternoon near Dhaka. This teramukh bridge is built over the river Turag on Rayerdia Link Road. Travel costs are not too high. And those who visit Zinda Park can spend the afternoon on the way to Dhaka on the Ulukhola-Rayerdia Link Road. Although it is not a so-called tourist place, the gathering of people is quite good. The clean environment around you in the morning or in the afternoon will refresh your mind. I found the place first in this TOB. So without wasting time, I killed Du before the rain came. Needless to say, the place will look more beautiful in the rainy season. There are also opportunities for boat trips in the rainy season. You will also be able to tour Uttara Baothar at a short distance. Unfortunately, the images that attracted the attention of TOB are rapidly disappearing. What I saw in the film has ruined a lot of things in just a few months. Allready 2/3 of the restaurant has been filled, the farmland next door has been filled, the installation may be built very soon.



How to get there: From Uttara Abdullahpur Bus Stand (next to Khandaker Gas Pump) to Minertech in Easybike / Auto, from there again to Easybike at Termukh Bridge. If you want, you can also come directly with reserve auto or CNG. And those who want to come here via Gazipur or on the way from Zinda Park will get auto / easybike on the slope to the south of Ulukhola Bazaar. And those who have bikes or private cars can easily open the Google Map and see the road.



Wherever you go, take care of the environment. Avoid littering.


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