Uttara Ganobhaban in Natore.

Today I visited Ganobhaban in Natore’s Wora. Today, you can spend a long time in the lake next to the huge trees with nature in all directions. Under this huge tree, there is also a zamindar’s house. All in all an ideal place to visit in one day.
Highlighting my travels






Getting up from Savar in a car at 8 am, National Travels dropped the fare by Tk 380 at 11:40 minutes bypassing Natore. From there take an auto straight to Bogra bus stand, fare 10 taka, again take the auto to the main gate of Wora Ganobhaban. After buying a ticket for 20 taka, I went inside and spent some time inside. Since I had time, I also visited Natore’s royal house and tasted the famous food raw golla.
The total cost is 1000 taka.


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